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Jun 30

the nike ad curse - write your own downfall

Posted by Paralyzer in write the future , world cup , wayne rooney , nike , Adidas


Is it not ironic that all the guys who are featured in the "nike write your future ad" are now out of the world cup? Ronaldinho did not make to the worldcup,Cannavaro and Diddier got the boot during the first round whilst ,Rooney ruined it in the second round and Ronaldo also got the bump before getting the statue and the movie starring Gael Bernal Garcia.It's like it was pay back for all the hubris that the ad was made off.I see the irony did not escape the nike guys who have now quickly made one with Robinho,I wonder if thats a sign that Brasil aren't going to win this world cup. I hope for Rooney sakes all the depiction in the ads fail as badly as the campaign,I would'nt like to see him with a beard.

Whilst the modest and true to oldschool sportsmanship addidas ad relies more on the beauty of the game; its precision, strength and power.Whilst the emphasis pn glory is both for team and not just the individual.Their guys ads seemto hit all the right notes at the present moment,when one looks at the last 8 over half the teams are in addidas gear.So Iwould say branding wise addidas is sucking it to nike right now,whenit comes to the world cup.

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