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Feb 15

I do believe I'm back

Posted by ShackledMuse in work , unemployment , U2 , blogging , blog , Art


Actually, I promised the lovely RedSaid that I would magically conjure 500 words on MyDL and 500 words on my personal blog. This impromptu arrangement  followed a little Facebook status update I made last night after I realized I was a whole bunch happier when I still blogged regularly. (Sadly, my personal blog shall remain un-updated for now, gravity is taking its toll on my eyelids.)

Feb 08

The Poor be Damned!?

Posted by Jawellnofine in work , viewpoint , the poor of the poor , richness , Rich , poverty , poor , Politicians , philisophy , passing faire , money , lotto , job , humanity , Greed , Government , consumerism , avarice


The other day while listening to another well-meaning politician sprout foibles on the eradication of poverty, I was struck by the lack of solutions in his speech. This phenomenon is common whenever politicians or people get-together to source solutions to an ever-present, and growing, social ailment.

Jan 11

Money vs Meaning

Posted by zookuki in work , vocation , Richard Branson , money , dreams , choices


For the past two and a half years working for this company I've helplessly watched my job description regress invisibly from being a full-blown writer to the point where I am now making small proofing changes, copying and pasting crap and also retyping copy from pdf’s or web to word.

Sep 21

More work and less digitalness

Posted by ShackledMuse in writing , work , unemployed , job hunt , digital lifestyle


Good news! The unemployed period is over! (Actually, I'm not going to get my hopes up till my signature is on a contract and I have a copy in my possesion, but it goes like this...)

Jul 08

Still on the Job topic…

Posted by ShackledMuse in writer , work , unemployment , job , employment , carreer




I’m a bit conflicted… Every body knows about my desperate attempt to find work. Any work. The boredom of having nothing to do is now replaced by the financial burden of paying my bills. Money I just don’t have. Or not enough of it anyway.

I really need to find something soon. That’s not what this post is about though.

I usually log on to one type of IM service at some point during the day to have deep meaningful discussions while I try to write a limitless amount of articles.


May 04

Again, Seacom tempts me to punch them.

Posted by phANT1m in work , Seacom , play , damaged


I know it has been awhile since I put a post ehre but  I am juggling 2 blogs so it can be tricky at times. Found sometime to post between my Starcraft 2 addiction and articles.

Mar 26

Recruitment gets it wrong

Posted by Jas in work , Unix , technology , rant , microsoft , Linux


I sometimes get updates from recruitment companies in the UK looking for developers. This was initiated way back when I was living and working in the UK, but have now since returned to South Africa (and have been back for sometime).

I know I’ve mentioned this before in comments, but it really was too good an opportunity not to pass up putting on MyDL:

Mar 04

Developer rant: it's my piece of pie!

Posted by Jas in work , software , profit , development


I was recently consulted by some friends who wanted technical insight in a business solution they want to implement. While I’m not involved with the business, there was the opportunity to get involved. That I’m not involved doesn’t mean that I don’t think the business will succeed, its more that I just don’t have the time to get involved in the capacity that they would have me work on the project.

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