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Jun 22

Digital media exposing gender-based violence against women

Posted by DigitalAmazon in women , violence , victim , south africa , Organisations , ICT , digital media


Oct 25

The death of women as we know them

Posted by Paralyzer in women , relationships , men , gender war , feminism


This past weekend I saw the movie Eat Pray Love, my female friend loved it ,she saw it as a film about liberation,self fulfilment,courage and being brave to follow your dreams.I thought it was self centred , crude and overly long dull film. Another example of a self centred world that rewards selfishness and looks down old fashioned values like marriage and family.I started wondering are ladies like Gil in Eat pray Love the new models for young girls?
Gil lives her husband ,in the film ,due to the fact she finds her life borring and unstimulated with him.She wants more.She wants to find herself again.The dude says ,why cant you find yourself in the marriage and she never truely answers that.But maybe I'm a relic of a time gone pass but i could not relate to Gils decision.It kinda reminded me of those american films were its right for the lady to trash the mans car, burn his clothes and smash up his stuff because she's upset.Do SA ladies really buy into this kind of thinking?
Hey don't get me wrong I'm not saying ladies should go to an age of being passive obsevers or anything like that,but I was thinking if any man was to do what Gill does in the film ,I bet half the ladies who are rooting for her would think the man is being incredibly selfish but cause she's a lady its seen as asserting oneself and it's right.If a dude was to take a baseball bat and smash a lday's car, burn her clothes  and start slapping the person around that wouldnt go down right,would it? Or is this yet another case of what's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander?

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