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Jul 22

Move into the real world

Posted by archived_user in Untagged 

I can not understand why the service providers don`t charge a lowish monthly sub, just for having broadband access and then an economic rate per Gigabyte (or better still per Megabyte). That way, those who want to can download movies all day, providing they are prepared to pay for the traffic. I abhor hidden subsidies of the type implied in capped services.
Nov 30

The mobile application I want won't work!!

Posted by DBS in Dell Axim


At least not on the device that I want to put it on.

Nov 30

Up close and personal with crime

Posted by Zipps in Untagged 

"STICK `EM UP, and I say that in the nicest way possible." It seems that crime in South Africa is changing its tune. Don`t get me wrong: skop, skiet en donder are still the order of the day. But there are exceptions.


The other day I read a story in which an older gentleman chased a robber from his house, caught up with him and held on to him, praying for his forgiveness and salvation while he waited for the police to arrive. Though this brought a warm feeling to my heart, I couldn`t help trying to imagine what the would-be-hardened criminal was thinking.

Another guy, held up at his daughter`s crèche, told robbers to hurry up and do their thing before other parents arrived with their kids. The robbers forced him to drive them to Joburg central and promptly gave him directions to the nearest exit that would get him back home to the north. They even enquired whether he thought he had enough fuel to make the journey.

Another incident left me with mixed feelings was that of a young couple and their infant who were held up at their home at night.

After tying up both parents, one of the robbers gently played with the baby while the others searched for valuables. It`s reported that he spoke to her in soft tones and even asked if he should make her a bottle before they left. Now while a criminal remains a criminal, and should be seen as nothing but a nuisance to society, you must admit this type of criminal is better than those who kill for a few rand.

Maybe they are getting in touch with their feminine side. Whatever the reason, I am impressed that some criminals realise there is no need to take a human life. All worldly possessions can be replaced, but not your loved ones. If such a society doesn`t exist, then maybe it`s time we started one.

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