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Jun 13

No more clothing store queues! Fit your clothes online!

Posted by DigitalAmazon in virtual , telerobotics , technology , Social Networking , shopping , robotics , physically , objects , military training , microsoft , medical , Kinect device , Facebook , entertainment , combines , augemented reality , 3-D


KinectShop by Gregory Ferenstein

Augmented reality technology has made life much easier for individuals in various sectors in the professional world. This technology combines virtual reality objects with real life objects and makes these two fundamentally different objects interact naturally in a space. Sectors such as the medical, entertainment, military training, engineering, robotics and telerobotics are all making use of augmented reality technology.

Jul 07

Online Social Suicide

Posted by ShackledMuse in virtual , social media , online suicide


Definition: Committing and act or acts that alienates one from their social scene or social circle; to kill one’s social life.


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