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Feb 15

I do believe I'm back

Posted by ShackledMuse in work , unemployment , U2 , blogging , blog , Art


Actually, I promised the lovely RedSaid that I would magically conjure 500 words on MyDL and 500 words on my personal blog. This impromptu arrangement  followed a little Facebook status update I made last night after I realized I was a whole bunch happier when I still blogged regularly. (Sadly, my personal blog shall remain un-updated for now, gravity is taking its toll on my eyelids.)

Sep 01

Back again... No lies this time... lol

Posted by ShackledMuse in unemployment , published , poetry , job


Aug 27

How Maggie Thatcher defeated the unions

Posted by barrmar in unemployment , Thatcher


Whenever there is a strike in South Africa, a number of voices are heard, calling for a Maggie Thatcher hard line approach.

Aug 07

New writing job (and a bit of the old job hunting update)

Posted by ShackledMuse in walyou , update , unemployment , news , job hunting , insomnia , gadgets , gadgether , fiverr


Jul 08

Still on the Job topic…

Posted by ShackledMuse in writer , work , unemployment , job , employment , carreer




I’m a bit conflicted… Every body knows about my desperate attempt to find work. Any work. The boredom of having nothing to do is now replaced by the financial burden of paying my bills. Money I just don’t have. Or not enough of it anyway.

I really need to find something soon. That’s not what this post is about though.

I usually log on to one type of IM service at some point during the day to have deep meaningful discussions while I try to write a limitless amount of articles.


Jun 15

How does a struggling blogger survive?

Posted by ShackledMuse in unemployment , paid content , mydigitallife , job search , job hunt , helium , blogging , blog


How does a so-called SAPO Chief Teller,  Platinum Life Sales Consultant,  unemployed writer  blogger survives?



First all, she has a one or two people that truly show their support.

In this case:

  • My loving partner, who takes care of me no matter how hard the circumstances may be,
  • and a best friend, who listens patiently to all my rants and raves, and follows every word I write online.

Their support, in what ever form, means the world to me.


Jun 08

Diary of an Unemployed Bastard

Posted by DevilTrigger in unemployment , unemployed , of , nepotism , diary , bastard , an


Dear Sir/Madam

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