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Dec 06

It sucks to be a psuedo geek.

Posted by Linemanbob in wireless , connectivity , amobia


I have a wireless network from a company called Amobia. The last two weeks I've suddenly started experiencing connectivity issues. So I do the whole support ticket thing, and they tell me they can see there's a problem, but they don't know what the problem is.

Oct 25

No clutter, no suffer

Posted by JadeScully in possessions , electronic devices , connectivity , clutter


Aug 25

Interconnectivity - how can it be done?

Posted by Dissol in WiFi , PS3 , Network , connectivity



Aug 06

Inactivity...or how the digital age can avert boredom...and potential dangers!

Posted by Dissol in Solar Wind , iPods , Digital Age , Coronal Mass Ejections , connectivity



Apr 28

Latest on international connectivity crisis

Posted by YunaMonos in Seacom , online access , Internet Solutions , connectivity


SEACOM posted an update on their FaceBook page this morning (around 10am) that they are expecting repairs to their undersea cable to be completed by 22:00 (UCT). Meanwhile thousands of South Africans have been without international internet connections since the weekend.  What have we learned from this fiasco? I’d say it has proven the old adage, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Mar 23

The uncapped Internet wars

Posted by Jas in uncapped Internet , connectivity , competitive , Broadband


After MWEB released its uncapped Internet offering companies are starting to play catch up.

Late last week, MWEB released its uncapped broadband offering, sparking a change in the way we perceive the Internet, how we use it, and migrating South Africa into a new era of unlimited connectivity.

Today Afrihost (@afrihost and @gianvisser) unveiled its own uncapped ADSL offering with offerings that look competitive when you don’t factor in the line rental, and even going so far as to tout on the 8Mbps line offering once our fine shores reach the 8Mbps capacity throughput (although this is still a stretch from the International community).

But when you delve into MWEB’s pricing and the consumer all-inclusive packages, we see that MWEB still beats Afrihost, although the difference isn't too great overall. When looking at the cost involved of the uncapped offerings, we need to look at the overall cost, that is, also including the line rental:

MWEB                          Afrihost
384 Kbps – R349    R197 + R152 = R349
512 Kbps – R599     R297 + R326 = R623
4 Mbps    – R899     R497 + R413 = R910

However fans and loyalists to the company will hopefully continue to support Afrihost, as the company was the first to really partake in the price restructuring by offering their broadband at literally the cheapest rates around at R29 per gig. Coupled with their frequent buy-one-get-one free offerings, they still have the potential to make great waves in the broadband wars.

Troubling though, is that the line rental has become the higher cost than the uncapped offerings themselves. With Telkom’s monopoly over the ADSL line rental business, the country is still doomed to suffer from a lack of connectivity because the Internet is still something that only the marginally wealthy can afford.

For the Internet to truly become something that everybody can use (and allow all the price wars of uncapped connectivity truly effective), Telkom needs to step up and into the challenge of reducing it’s own prices to further fuel the positive change that MWEB started.

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