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Jan 11

OMG - where has the time gone?

Posted by sgb in time , Leap Second , GPS


A second here, a second there. An it all adds up, as the International Telecommunications Union (ICU)  votes to abolish the 'Leap Second'. (Leap second could be abolished - The Telegraph, 11 January 2012).

May 30

Saving Stonehenge or previewing Paris: it’s all about the gigapixels

Posted by fastforward in time , technology , stonehenge , prague , picture , photosynth , photo , paris , panorama , museum , maldives , Google , glastonbury festival , gigapixl project , gigapixel , gallery , future , Egypt , Art , 360 cities


Jun 04

Digital backlog...

Posted by zookuki in writing , time , life , Digital , backlog


Hi All

I haven't been on MyDigitalLife in, well, years.  There are just so many blogging, social-networking and wiki sites to spill one's guts and air one's views that I must admit I've gone completely ape-sh!t on the net. 
Back again and laughing at my two little blogs that I posted way back. Much has changed and much has remained the same. Growth and time seems to remind us concurrently how insignificant AND important we are. Reflection gives us great epiphanies with regards to those dumb-as-brick things we've done and those amazing superhuman acts of bravery and resilience. 
My job is to write... so I guess I'll keep my blog updated more regularly nowadays... looking forward to some constructive digitizations (aka digital conversations) and soul-replenishing digilogues (aka digital monologues).

Have a fantastic weekend!