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Jun 04

Juicy Apples...

Posted by zookuki in thoughts , luscious , juicy , imagination , eve , desire , days , apples


I absolutely loathe and love days like these. I feel strangely empowered, magical, walking in a different dimension. And the dreams, wuhah! I woke up wet, panting, several times throughout the night... with blurry images of ecstasy and warmth and exposure trailing through my skin. Goosebumps.

So I wander through the corridors of this vast building with its thousands of souls, feeling as if I’m walking on... with the breeze that I feel now, more than ever – as if my senses have become enlightened. I almost feel like I could close my eyes and have my skin feel through the passageways, guide me, have the scents tease me and teach me their trails.

What you must think of this melodramatic creature I am. Desperately pacing through my sordid mind the one moment and completely oblivious of anything but my aura the next.
But I am not concerned with that today. I’m only concerned with letting my mind trespass onto forbidden territory, Eve in the garden, seeking the apple. Touching the apple, eyeing the apple and taking in its scent... its taunting ownness, pressing it against my lips to feel its slick, smooth skin against my own... my tongue reaching through parched lips to taste the delicate divine fragrance on its surface, and then... inevitably biting through its taut skin with care to find it’s hidden fluids - delve into its insides and release the sap, suckling on it... dripping nectar onto my hungry skin... and feeling it seep into me, becoming one with my body.
That is what Eve is doing today. Juicy Apples.


Jun 04

That age-old toilet-tissue problem

Posted by zookuki in toilet paper , thoughts , problem , loo , dilemmas , bathrooms


Public bathrooms are tedious at best, but they do present the odd interesting challenge, much to my dismay. 

I was wondering if I am the only one struggling with the "unopened" toilet roll phenomena, since I always seem to be at the receiving end of this dilemma. 
And after years of deep thought, strategising and theorising, I've still not managed to find a decent way to manage this problem. So, amidst my shredding the roll quite violently (tiny pieces of paper like confetti across the bathroom floor) I wonder who the bright one was to start referring to the loo in a regal fashion. I've not found a proper way to undo the bond of that first sheet on a fresh toilet roll without fumbling absurdly and making a grand mess. 
Am I the only one, I wonder, to struggle with the toilet-paper problem? Is there no one working at the toilet-paper roll factory who thought about putting instructions on there for silly little me on how to manage this arduous task? Am I simply the only one to get the fresh new roll? Surely I can't be alone in this. 
So as I walk into the public bathroom again, I see the chubby, white menace glaring at me from it's perch next to the loo.  I sigh, gnarl under my breath, take my seat... and rip it to shreds...
In a strange way it releases some tension.  :)
Jun 04

The day we shall meet...

Posted by zookuki in thoughts , poetry , nostalgia , meetings , love , foresight


I saw you standing there, waist deep in the panting breaks.

You were, for the moment, oblivious of me, entranced... staring at the horizon where ocean and air fused into a kaleidoscope of colour – dancing in our eyes. You lifted your gaze to watch that dark veil slowly slithering down from the east.

Your body glistened, palms caressing the fluid surface , barely touching the waves. Softly sweeping motions to accentuate the moon’s glow on your gently coiled muscles.
And in your wake, the water spilled carelessly onto the forsaken beach.

I watched you for what felt like hours, days... until the ocean consumed the shore and you moved with the tide, ascending to the pebbles, rocks, and up the cliffs – where you were still gazing... but now at the darkness.

Were you waiting?

I wondered what you were thinking, my love... locked in that gaze of the endless earth. Charmed by the winds and waters and skies.

One day, I may ask you, I may know. One day I might intrude on your solitude and stand next to you on that scenic platform. Bodies in orbit around the sweat of the seas... embraced by the sensual spume. A shared reverie.

Until that day when I shall meet you, I will gaze at you, from my shelter... always wondering...

‘Til then, my love


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