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Sep 29

Healthy Rich Going To Be Punished!

Posted by OS GIKEN in virus , University , Tswane , Sicko , Scrubs , Rich , poverty , poor , Healthcare , Gray's Anatomy , free , Doctor , Canada , ANC , africa


The National Health Scheme...where everyone in this country, illegal immigrant or not, will be able to go to a doctor and demand service for his/her teeth, for his/her broken leg, for his/her cock eye for his/her lower back pain. This sounds wonderful, but do yourself a huge favor and go watch the movie "Sicko"...

Sicko - Micheal Moore

This movie or doccie documents people's lives in different countries and the type of health care they are provided with...sometimes for free. The best to date has to be Canada, where people get rebates for not using their allocated funds for medical purposes. Obviously, Canada chose to fund this scheme through huge taxation on working class people. But then again, Canada is not in Africa, and thus we cannot compare Canada to South Africa.

South Africa, eSickoh:
Now our clever politicians who believe they can do everything under the sun has come up with a way to deliver the under-carpet promise made in's their proposition in simple terms...not even Layman would argue this:

"Everyone, poor and rich, gets free healthcare, we don't stipulate what "healthcare" entails, and we don't stipulate what will happen to people already on private healthcare schemes, for all we care they can stay where they are, but as long as poowah(poor) people get the care they need, we are happy. We will pay for this by demanding...yes, demanding the rich pay for this simply because they are...erm, rich"

Now, if like me you have been an avid political follower, by this I mean can't wait until someone in the ANC opens their mouth, then you'll notice that when things are directed towards people the tone of the ANC gets more aggressive, more hateful, more racist dare I say. That guy that can't talk properly, was all over the radio yesterday quoted as saying something along the lines of, "some would think we should charge this free healthcare onto the taxable amount of working peepol...but we are not, by doing this you are taxing the poowah, the rich must pay for this free healthcare".

Free Healthcare

Live rich, die poowah:
So if you read between the lines, you'll notice what I had noticed...These guys don't know what they are doing. They think that for once that they have given something 10 mins of thought; it should come to pass immediately! But I guess its no secret, ANC and thinking are like Mars and a button on the remote control, no relation whatsoever! Obama was given flack for his stance on this same topic. Now, the ANC, in their infinite wisdom, decides that the rich people, for just being silly rich, you know, just because, must foot the bill if the poowah people can't foot the bill for a broken foot. The rich get away with allot of things in life, but that in my opinion is how the cookie crumbles and how it should crumble. It’s been crumbling like this since the beginning of time! How does one decide who is rich and who are poowah? I know a couple of very wealthy people who like to plead their 809th amendment to declare poverty! And how will the rich foot the bill? Will they be taxed? Or will they be assigned a squatter camp location, and that certain location now belongs to them to look after, medically!


Spit in the face:
This to me seems like a spit in the face of rich people the country over. There are tons of rich people who do way more than the government with regards to giving, not just receiving. How many rich people give to the poowah, how many rich people have charities in their name, just for some government official to come and steal the money? This is against the way of the rich. Don't force them to pay for the poowah, and they won't feel the need to not give...they only give because they are not forced. There is one thing you need to understand about the rich...their money is their money. Not God's money,  or the kids', or the wives' or the company's...its theirs, all theirs! Paying for the wellbeing of the poowah, well, let's just say its not in their budget!

Free Healthcare - free for whom?
If something is free, it’s free for all, except the one giving it out for free. Teach this to all kids now...something that's free has cost someone else something! A free lunch has cost the restaurant resources and time...a free blowjob has cost some girl her childhood and many other things, a free Cellphone has cost all the millions of other Cellphone users incy winsy sums of money that they don't even know they were giving! How can healthcare be free, when the rich are paying? They should say, free healthcare for those who cannot afford. I know teachers cannot afford healthcare, they can't even afford houses. Because they earn too much for government houses, and they earn too little for private houses financed through a bank. would they determine who would qualify for free healthcare? There are so many spin-off's from this scheme should it come to's a couple:

The rich will get richer - I don't know how they just always do.

Sep 22

BlackBerry 9700

Posted by OS GIKEN in Nokia , MTN contract , MTN , MMS , LCD screen , iPhone , HTC Snap , Cell phone , Black Berry 9700


After my HTC Snap decided to give me grief once again, 3rd time in 3 months, it finally gave me the last painful blow, its LCD cracked, I don't know how, I had it in my pocket and it just went.BlackBerry 9700

Sep 20

Tonight With Trevor Noah...A Review!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Trevor Noah , Tonight With Trevor Noah , Opposition Parties , Mnet , Gareth Cliff , DSTV , Dave Chappelle , Comedy , ANC , 5 FM


Tonight with Trevor Noah

I've seen some cool shows in my days, but this one is the one, the one that will stand the test of time. And this test, in the South African context, is something or someone, everyone loves or likes. By merging the words "South African" and "everyone" you already get the jest of my online speech. Yes, racially, Trevor is a guy that we all love. We love his view on politics, we love that he nails the ANC and the fact that he can talk just as good as them, and by the same wavelength, we love that he can take the Mickey with the opposition parties as well...a balance of sorts! I still have not seen Trevor live, because I'm slow and really unlucky with sells out so quick, this is just a good sign that finally, comedy in South Africa is at the top...not reaching the peak anytime soon. Think back to shows like Pure Monate, it was a couple of completely capable comedians, and they took the T.V by storm, the Pure Monate Show had a good run, it made us cry with laughter each week...I can't really remember why it was cancelled, but I can remember there was a lot of mixed reactions reagrding viewership, but this is where the difference comes in. Trevor's show is different, I've yet to find anyone who does not like this show! Yes, there are many blogs talking about how unoriginal the show is, and how they don't like Trevor or members of the cast, but there are also people in this world that don't like, you can' treally please everyone!

Not everyone can do it...

We've done some premature statistical research in our friend circle, and everyone who's everyone watches this show! The flop with the previous show of this kind on M-Net, Gharat Cleef, was that Gareth was just cut out to be in front of a live audience, sure he's a DJ and does this kind of thing all the time...but on TV we prefer he be sober. So, his show lasted literally a few episodes. Even with the following Gareth has on his morning show on 5 FM, he just could not pull the prime time TV spot, I guess his listeners were sleeping at 19h30 from waking up at 6h00 am to listen to his show.

Comedy left, right, middle, central!

The Trevor Noah show also has some great comedians, I like to watch it just for Nadia, as she's smoking hot, that jaw line and the hair and and and and, but lets not go wayward with this review. The comedians are great; their little inserts are always a joy to watch every time! The guests are also some of the best...its people we all know, not someone who fell off a horse and then went to the J&B Met and then starred in a doccie and now needs to be known. This is not a show for has-beens or wana-bees; this is a show that's up to date with what's happening in and around our country and the world at large. trevor

The comedy is brilliant, the quick and witty comebacks, the relevant questions turned into laughter are also a thing that Trevor does without effort. I watched each and every episode thus far, and every time my wife had to watch the repeat because the tears were rolling down her cheeks from pure laughter, she just could not keep up with the wit and pure comedy continuously rolling off the tongues of the guests and the comedians! I sure would like to see some statistics on viewership thus far.
Not like any other...

For this show, unlike 3 talk with Noeleen, it’s not boring, it’s aimed at a specific crowd that actually sits in front of the tele at that time of the night. Its a prime time slot which has a lot of competition on all other channels, but for that 20 odd minutes, Trevor and the cast steal the time from all watches digital or chronograph, and makes each episode a memorable this another Dave Chappelle show in the making? I think Trevor will make history, right now he's the hottest (most popular) comedian in South Africa,...that alone has to get your bum on the couch at 19h30 on a Wednesday night!

Sep 20

Young IT shows no promise near me...

Posted by OS GIKEN in Young IT , SOA , IT , ipad


Ever been with new guys in IT? You know, students, 1 year veterans, consultants that just got the title, young auditors? Ever sat in one of their conversations? Well, whatever decision is made above, is always met by misaligned ideas and analogies of how this and that should have been done, and then followed by a huge disgustful shake of the head at the top brass as if to say...if I was there...I would have known what to do!

LOL, yes, I'm young and I'm in IT, been in IT since 2008, professionally, and it all is still the same. The young guys still think they know much more than the veterans, the 20 - 30 year veterans that is. I like to listen to young guys' thoughts on certain subjects about working in IT...its always met with the same skepticism and negativity. Always met with the same holier than though persona. I find that most young people in IT never actually take the time to read about things happening in IT...nor do they actually pay attention to the happenings of the IT world at the moment, who acquired who, why was this done like this, and that done like that. Most of the young people come to work, do the work their given, don't really care why they must do it or understand their part in the whole equation, and then can't wait for the weekend to start doing what they do best, and no, its nothing in IT.

The new school IT, or school of thought in IT comes from the fact that young people just do things for the sake of doing it...they don't think things through. I've had numerous discussions with my peers only to find the guys know nothing of what I'm talking about, yes their' educated, and yes they are older than what I am, and yes they have more experience in IT than what I do. But their lack of knowledge of the IT world, why things are done the way their done is shocking. I.e.: Most of the people I talk to regarding things like Windows 7 and IE9 and the iPad and its future in the IT world...just shrug their shoulders...turn a blind eye and keep on doing what they've been doing. Don't these young guys want to know how these things came about, how they might change IT? Then I walk and talk to older guys, and they have their own opinions on things, they stand firm with their decisions and their opinions. Young people lack this, that's why they don't really care about IT and the happenings in and about it. its not important to them at the moment. Young people don't have an opinion about things in IT, and this saddens me, you have to have a stance on something, something that adds to the totality of IT. You have to say yay or nay to SOA, you have to say yay or nay to out- or in sourcing. You have to say yay or nay to Governance and its importance in company security regarding time on social networks etc. There has to be a firm standpoint by which our young IT people have to start developing an opinion over!

OS over and out - is it me, or is the youth in IT not really interested in IT? Is this a general trend? That IT is just a means to an end? There is NO real interest in the direction of IT, none whatsoever...on here the young people, if we know who they are, are fairly involved with IT and its entirety...I wish the people I mingle with had this sense of direction or interest.

Sep 19

My New-ish Job.

Posted by OS GIKEN in overstrength , new job


As many of you may know, the working condition at my current place of employment is not so enjoyable anymore. Well since the last time I blattered it all out, I managed to get myself onto some projects spanning up and maybe further than December 2011. Then, the restructuring happened and we are now divided into things they call "over strength"

Over strength:

Strong Man

No, nothing to do with being too strong, there are too many people and too little positions, so what they did was, they would match people's skills to the jobs available and where there is one person matching one job, that person will be confirmed in that position, and where there are 3 people matched to one job, those "persons" will be matched to the one position, making that position, an over strength position, because there are now 2 people too many in one position. I'm lucky to be over strength with only one person.
All out war:

This is where the problem comes in, I did not want this to happen, as this one person is actually my friend, we started together at this company and have been friends since then. Now, we have to compete in an 8 month interview, we are going to be doing this job together for the next 8 months! Then, thereafter, the boss will review us both, and then choose who he wants, the criteria for his choice has not been decided yet.

While all this is happening, our new job entails R&D, basically all the new-ish things happening in the IT world, we have to research and test and decide whether its good to be used at our wide! There's been talk of security for iPads, Windows 7 rollout throughout the company and many more cool things which just raised my eyebrows in excitement!

OS over and out - it may seem hectic, but I'm going to enjoy this new job and my project will all my being...doing my best, and hopefully be chosen to fulfill this role!

Sep 08

An Update On the Restless Work situation...

Posted by OS GIKEN in Workforce Transition , R&D , cape town


I'm not sure how long it’s been since I let known what might happen to me in the months to come. Well...since then, I've been pulled onto a project that will last at least until the end of 2011, and I'll have to be in JHB for this at least 2 times a week. And then, the restructuring took place, and people were placed in positions, if there is one position and 5 people match that position, all 5 of them will now be in that position, but none of them will know who's job it is until June 2011.

I'm in an R&D position with just one other person, whose identity is still unknown to me. I'm still waiting on my new boss to contact me, but he has spoken to my previous boss about talking to his new "team" soon.

So it seems, we are planning to start looking for jobs in Cape Town from November onwards as this one here has run its course and the company just didn't live up to the promises it made to get me(us) here.

OS over and out, it’s been some time that we were in this mess thought, exactly a year! Many people around me has left for new ventures, some have moved to other departments, my office is quiet, our corridor is empty, the kitchen only has 2 or 3 people in it, no one laughs anymore, they look at me funny if I'm laughing or enjoying my time here! It’s a sad case but I think its good for me and my family!

Sep 06

All these new phones!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Steve Jobs , omnia , MTN , iPhone , ipad , devil , Contract


In my current position, I get nice perks, like free phone and free airtime, and everything over that freeness is subtracted from my salary. So I never really worried about the phone market for the past year and a couple of months. Then, I saw an iPhone! Now those who know me, know that I was lambasting the iPhone for all its worth and basically saying Steve Jobs is the devil.

I don't think anyone can comprehend how much I want an iPhone, even more, how much I want an iPad! I've been looking at contracts, but since my last ordeal with the contract...we've added up, I probably paid close to R40 000 in cell phone charges alone since Jan 2009 till now from my MTN cell phone contract and my work phone going over its limit! And what makes it worse, is that my Omnia, rest in peace, was stolen about a year ago, and no, I didn't think cell phone insurance was necessary! So I've been paying off a phone that was stolen, we are basically just using the sim card with the supposed free minutes, or free R200 p/m charged per minute which equates to MTN's R3 per minute or something like that...can you now see how I'm being analy raped by a cell phone company?

We've vowed to get my wife a cheaper contract and a newish phone since her current Nokia is way past its meeting with the grim reaper of the cell phone realm. But with the amount of phones on the market, its totally ridiculous how many phones now seem attractive. Like I said, I haven't been paying attention to the phone game since Jan 2009!
I've decided I'll surprise wifey with a BlackBerry with the free internet, because that's all she needs! And I'll buy myself a second hand iPhone and just use my work sim card for free airtime! A second hand iPhone that's still in good nick, meaning the screen works and everything else works, goes for about R2500-3000. I'll just get me a white cover and then I'll buy the APPS I so dearly want/need!

What phones out there, compared to the blackberry, the cheapo, are really any good?

Os over and out - not being in this phone game has really made me wonder, have they solved all the issues with the touch screens since Jan 2009? Must I still lock myself into a contract AGAIN for 2 years after this horrible experience I just went through? Is it cheaper, or easier to rather buy airtime then to have a contract?

Aug 25

As safe as Houses!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Untagged 


Last month was hectic, not only did the bank not give us a 100% loan; they gave us a 90% loan and approved the 10% remaining sum as a personal loan! Obviously we did not take it. Then one bank evaluated the house R70 000 less than asking price. So the owner then didn't want to accept that price drop, AND, one bank gave us a 100% loan on the price less R70 000.
After a couple of days, the owner of the house called and said they wanted to do a private deal...for the price less R70 000. Unfortunately, it would mean heavy lawsuits should the estate agent find out we purchased the house she showed us without her consent...this was not to be as we then left it at that.

A while ago I told you all about the looming retrenchments at this company. We have one more year here and then its over so to say. I've been pulled into a huge project that has how many other sub projects which might run for 2 years. But I've spoken to wifey and we both said its time to make a move, this place and this season in our lives has run its course. We will be looking for jobs from December/January onwards in Cape Town, but won't count out JHB as a last resort. At least in these two cities my wife can also have a well paying job and do something she studied towards, but lately she doesn't want to hear anything as she's adamant she wants to teach!

Then baby Karli came along and turned our worlds upside down - so we won't be looking for a new house, we are looking for a townhouse to rent instead, and in this dead place, there's none available!

OS over and out - there you have it...a story of fate, of twists and turns...and how the house market won't be seeing my bond paying ass anytime soon!

Aug 19

I'm a daddy! It's great and its hard work

Posted by OS GIKEN in maternity ward , hospital , Dr. Brown bottle , dilated , Daddy , birth , baby , Avent bottle , 8cm dilated , 10cm dilated


It's been a crazy week. This time last week my wife had her 1st set of contractions...she timed them all and then called me at 3ish...reading all those magazines really helped with the timing of the labour...i.e when to go to hospital!

I got to the flat in record time, to find her inhaling and blowing out as suggested, it was an exciting yet tense moment. I rushed to hospital; in the process realizing I need a faster car! We got to the hospital, they put her in a private room, which is great as you don't want to share your most intimate moments having to worry about the patient next to you...its worth that R500 p/night. I then went to go fill out the forms, and when I got back to the maternity ward, they were already wheeling her to the delivery room! Apparently she was already 8cm dilated!

It was too late for a water birth as we had scheduled, and...there was already someone in the bath giving birth! On that day, 12th of August, 14 other kids entered this bad world! They broke her water or something like that...and then the waiting started, contractions came and went and soon she was 10cm dilated and the doctor who was just next door was informed. She had to push, push, was very exciting for me but not so for her, as the magazines told us everything except when and how to push...

The doctor stood there talking to her, and I relayed everything to her by her side...she did very well as we entered the delivery room at 16h30 and baby Karli entered this world at 17h55, very quick. No issues whatsoever for both ladies, as our prayers were envisioned and she was discharged 2 days later!

Karli was a handful the first 2 we did not know what to do, change her, make her burp, sleep? My mom got there and helped us out really well, I must still buy her a present for all her help as without her, we would have had sleepless nights for real! Having baby Karli in her room was another mission on its own. Getting the room warm enough, up to 23 degrees and then putting on the humidifier and the Angelcare sound and movement monitor helped a whole lot. I found myself looking at that monitor more than 100 times as every noise saw my body tense up as I thought to myself...WHAT NOW AGAIN?

The 1st night she didn't sleep well, she had winds and was restless...the second night we got her to a routine, sleep for 4 hours, feed for 1 or 2 hours and in those hours we'd clean her, change nappies, bum cream and put her in the sun for a few minutes, then try to make her burp (which is one of the most difficult things for me) and then eventually after that burp which kept her awake and crying, she's out like a candle!

Its amazing when I look at the pictures when she entered the world compared to pictures I took yesterday, she's grown so much its hard to come to terms with it. She looks exactly like me, a mini OS GIKEN. Being a dad is crazy man, I find myself at her cot all the time feeling her little hands, she is strong and grabs them with force! An overwhelming feeling of protection and love for both Karli and her mom has washed over me!
Things I don't like about this new experience, is my/our lack of experience, what if my mom was not there? She gives us leeway so that we can try and sort out most things we can like wash her, make her sleep, burp etc. We have got that under control now but take last night for example, she had winds and we couldn't get it out, now and then she would brake wind and she'd be quiet, only to lay her in her cot and find her screaming for dear life! Only to find out, it was the navel string that fell off earlier in the day that made her uncomfortable. The methods we use to make her burp are to put her over my shoulder and then rub her back in up and down movements, normally the wind comes out in about 30 seconds or so...but if it doesn't, we are doomed. Another thing that happened last night, wifey's boobies did not produce milk! And we used up all the stored milk! And, her nipples were bruised as Karli pulls and bites them when she's hungry...the other thing that also worries me is, when she's hungry, after a sleep session, she swallows allot of wind, there is no way we can stop her as that means we'll have to take the bottle from her...we bought the bottles that promise no air will enter...but it does!

Its been a rough ride, but when I see her and she looks into my eyes, I don't care about anything else in the world! It’s truly amazing! But then she cries and then I worry again! LOL...I'm more at ease now as opposed to a couple of days ago...

OS over and out - being a dad is great, but its hard, as your sleeping and living routine is totally thrown out the window!

Aug 10

SARS eFiling calculator is DIZZY!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Tas return , SARS eFiling , SARS


Last year I did not submit a tax return, due to SARS employees messing up my application for a tax number for the 1st time. It took months to do this...after eventually giving me a number to file a return, it was too late, and I got intouc with management, and they said I'm only liable for a return for 2010. But I paid tax for 2 months in the 2009 tax year, and I had some heavy incomes!