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Jul 26

Welcome to the future: internet TV.

Posted by fastforward in television , sony , Samsung , roku , logitech , internet tv , internet , google tv , future , boxee , Apple TV


May 17

3D animation or real news presenter?

Posted by Howie2.0 in virtual presenter , virtual news presenter , television , news presenters , future , animations , 3d animation


Apr 20

8 days of Pesach, 7 mass media's and a Kugel

Posted by Mobile Kugel in vinyl , TV , television , technology , story , Radio , printing press , pesach , mobile , mass media , internet , Games , distribution , content , cinema , audience , analogue recording , 2.0

Mobile Kugel

The 18th April marked the first night of Passover. As it was my first one away from home, I decided to make some of my mom’s chicken soup and reflect on the world whilst nibbling on a dry piece of matzah.

Oct 06

Does "drunk" Mara save crappy reality show?

Posted by The Organ Harvester in television , Mnet , Mara Louw , idols , Gareth Cliff

The Organ Harvester

Call me a cynical bastard, but this latest Idols incident sounds like a scam to drive up viewership for a TV franchise which has being dieing slower than bomber jackets as a fashion trend in Durban.

Mar 03

My first and last useless Gadget

Posted by EgbertFly in Wii , Video , TV , television , SABC , Program , iPod , DVD



Feb 17

Nothing amazes me anymore

Posted by EgbertFly in television , order , food , couch , cellphone , Cell phone



Jan 11

Happy The Simpsons 20th anniversary Homer

Posted by MikeZilla in television


So that strangely yellow Simpson family are officially 20 years old. Now for most of us who did our important growing up in the 90's The Simpsons were a permanent fixture in our television week. When one thinks of the 90's shows like Friends and Seinfeld stand out. However as great as those shows were none of them had the legs of Homer and his darkly dysfunctional family living in depressingly familiar Springfield.