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Jun 19

Technology, Viruses and PC's!

Posted by Erised in Viruses , virus , technology , pc , internet , computer , blogging , applications , anti virus


Rule number one; always take to consideration that a computer is just programmed to do certain things and with programming, there are limitations!

Jun 07

She’s the Geek Interviews: Acidicice

Posted by Shesthegeek in Woman of the Week , Woman and Technology , technology , Mommy Blogger , internet , Consultant , Acidicice


Apr 16

Today I saw the future! And it looks good!

Posted by Dissol in transport , technology , IRT , cape town


wheelchair signNow possibly some people will not understand why I have posted this in the digital section.  Well, I think it could go in all the sections, but possibly people here will be interested in how the system uses digital technology to ensure accessibility to all.

Mar 31

PayPal – It’s for business

Posted by Jas in technology , PayPal , money , FNB


I’ve never really had much use for PayPal, although I profess I had an account while living in London (technically I still do). The account was created to recharge my Skype limit, but now that I don’t live there, I haven't bothered logging into my account since - and I’m finding it almost impossible to close my account (although that’s not the nature of this article).

I predict the “better” use for PayPal in the South African market lies not so much in the hands of the consumer, but more in the business. With increased broadband, we're being afforded the ability to host more online services locally - and PayPal provides an easy and convenient mechanism for online businesses to facilitate payments on an International scale, especially now that it's possible to retrieve your funds (so it makes sense to have your business account with FNB - what a clever marketing strategy for themselves).

Another potential market area is with donations, as unsurprisingly enough this is where I’ve seen PayPal used most (I frequent Web sites that contain source code and applications), and so I often see where a developer has left a “donate now” on their site.

Before, it was impossible to retrieve the money out of the PayPal account, and so I suspect developers in South Africa didn’t worry about the functionality, unless they have access to an oversea’s bank account. I’m not sure if PayPal allows for funds in credit to accrue any interest (although you can be sure that the funds in their accounts are accruing interest, most probably at extremely high rates) – perhaps I need some clarity here.

And with the broadband revolution happening right before our eyes, we’re going to see a higher market and demand for online payment systems.

Mar 26

Recruitment gets it wrong

Posted by Jas in work , Unix , technology , rant , microsoft , Linux


I sometimes get updates from recruitment companies in the UK looking for developers. This was initiated way back when I was living and working in the UK, but have now since returned to South Africa (and have been back for sometime).

I know I’ve mentioned this before in comments, but it really was too good an opportunity not to pass up putting on MyDL:

Mar 03

Digital gadgetry, or distinct lack thereof

Posted by Jas in technology , gadgets


I’ve always been the more cautious of buyers when it comes to gadgets. A lot of what I buy has to do with what my requirements are, and often, my desire to have those objects is pretty low. I see this even in my attitude towards computers and technology – I’ll wait and wait, usually to the point where the systems are just about dead (like my laptop), before I’ll start looking at the upgrade bandwagon.

I’m also not a trend-follower, so you won’t find Apple in my home. I don’t believe in paying for a brand, just because it “looks cool”. It needs to be functional. Even when it comes to other people asking me for my opinion, I’ll shy away from Apple – I have no love for the company. Especially iTunes, when you think that it’s installer is nearly 100MB – what an abomination – I’d like to know what they’ve put in there to make the install so large?

Of the products I do have, the one I don’t use so often is my Sony Walkman. While I think it’s a cool device, I just don’t listen to music often enough. Even in my car, my radio is usually off, as I travel around in silence. Driving gives me an opportunity to think about what’s on my mind – I find it synonymous to when I’m swimming – the pure repetition of an action allows some portion of my mind to wander, while still being in control of the situation.

There are those gadgets that I’ve looked at that I think would ultimately be cool to have, but there is always that little voice of reason that stops me. I was recently thinking about migrating to a digital pad, as a way to save paper. But after thinking about it for a while, I wasn’t quite sure how much “greener” the technology would ultimately be. Yes, I save on paper and pens, but I’m still using electricity. And electricity in South Africa is largely generated by the burning of coal… So my “green” attitude is largely thrown out the window. Then again, the manufacturing process of paper might not be construed as ultimately green either. A tough choice, but for now I’m sticking with the paper solution – its easier to recycle than electronics.

Dec 01

apples, apples and some comfort

Posted by loopy in technology


So gadgets for 2009, wow that is tough, surely with the annus horribilus we just encountered we should be focusing more on where not to spend... Although I guess any technology fundi just can't get enough and no amount of credit crunches or Dubai debt would put an end to that.

So where to start, well all the gadgets mentioned on this wishlist will be one liners because if you can't explain it in one line then I guess it is far too complicated for anyone's use.

The Apple iPhone 3G - well because it's cool and you don't get BlackBerry thumb.

Next stop the Nintendo Wii, it's great for getting the peeps around a TV screen and having a laugh, tossing stuff at the screen and not breaking anything also adds to its value.

PS3, some may ask why 2 games consoles, well this is more, as we all know, it is the heart of any entertainment system and you'd be a fool not to make it yours.

So what do we get to view the fun of the Wii and the integral nature of the PS3 on, well none other the the Aquos. Yes that's the Sharp 108-inch LCD TV, and although my wall might not be big enough, I'm sure I'll make a plan on its arrival.

Last but not least, it's the most fundamental position of all the gadgets mentioned and it involves sitting. It's the place where you will most likely spend 99% of your time when using 3 of the 4 gadgets mentioned above. Final stop is a chair to die for, it's the Medi-Sage therapeutic massage chair and I just can't get enough...

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