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Dec 11

VGA 2011

Posted by Pippen in zelda , xbox 360 , Xbox , videogame , video game awards , VGA2011 , VGA , uncharted , skyrim , rpg , PS3 , PS , portal , pc , nba , multiplayer , modern warfare , mobile , minecraft , mario , Games , forza , fighting , driving , download , call of duty , batman , bastion , awards , arkham


Dec 02

Gaming highs and lows of 2011

Posted by rabbit1986 in skyrim , pc gaming , oblivion , mass effect 3 , mass effect , Dragon Age 2 , dragon age


My disappointment of the year has to be Dragon Age 2. Not for game play, I loved the graphic, leveling and interface changes. . As an avid fan I was so looking forward to the great story promised and what I experienced in Dragon Age 1. Instead I got a half backed mash of confusing plot line, linked loosely and pathetically together by some overall story ark of mages and templar's are going to have a blow out any second. So after seeing the end coming from about scene 2 in the story I was not impressed. Let's hope that now that they have the filler for number three out the way, "few we managed to drag it out and make a few bucks", they will get back to the awesome story and in depth character interaction we fell in love with in Dragon Age One.

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