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Jul 12

My Secret Blog

Posted by girlinthecorner in secret , listen , feelings


I haven't been very active the past year or two since I wrote the letter to my Dad.  I Have never really had any talent when it comes to writing. But I might as well give it a try. And I will not read over any of my posts before posting them,because when I do I inevitably end up deleting them. 

May 04

"No one cares about your ideas."

Posted by Mobile Kugel in the social network , south africa , secret , richard cheary , rhodes university , paranoid , online business , intellectual property , inspired , ideas , grahamstown , Google , free market , dirk le roux , competition , brett st clair , afrozaar

Mobile Kugel

I am part of a small online business in Grahamstown. My partner and I found a problem and created a solution. Lucky for us the site took off and has been a success.

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