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Feb 05

Change your Will after divorce, if you don't your ex may inherit your estate

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It happens frequently that a spouse  nominates the other spouse as a beneficiary in his or her will. If the spouses subsequently divorce, the question arises whether the former spouse will still inherit in terms of the will. If the testator changes his or her will to disinherit his or her ex the position is clear and the former spouse will not inherit. But the problem comes in where the testator does not change his will. This is governed by Section 2B of the Wills Act 7 of 1953. It provides that if a testator dies within 3 months after his/her divorce any will he or she executed prior to the dissolution of the marriage will be implemented as if his/her ex spouse had died before the dissolution of marriage. In other words, the ex spouse will be deemed to have died before the dissolution of the marriage and will thus not inherit.

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