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Nov 08

Jamiroquai- Rock Dust Light Star Review

Posted by DevilTrigger in star , rock , review , light , jamiroquai , dust , album , 2010


I loves me some Jamiroquai. Not many bands can get my feet tapping as much as them, and I was happy when I finally got to listen to the new album. The last time they spun some new yarns was with Dynamite, way back in 2005, and now they're back with something vaugely resembling a bang.

The best way to describe this album is chilled. The most dance worthy track on here is the first single thats getting airplay at the moment, White Knuckle Ride. It's an awesome song, but still not as instantly catchy as classics such as Canned Heat and Virtual Insanity. The rest of the disc is filled with, in all honesty, similar sounding tracks that don't stray far from the well known sound they have. This is both good and bad. Fans will not be disappointed, but no new ones will be won. Songs such as the melodic Blue Skies  can't help but make you feel all warm and fuzzy, while songs like Goodbye To My Dancer and Never Gonna Be Another tug ever so gently at broken heart strings while managing to still be upbeat.  Jay Kays voice is excellent as always, and the arrangements and instrumentation (Is that a real word? Well it is now dammit) are on par with past efforts. It's a polished affair, and has just enough production to keep the sound tight, and not head over into over produced drivel (Cough cough...Muse...Resistance...) What's left to say other than...

This is a nice album.

But, nice guys finish last, don't they? Like I mentioned above, this isn't going to convert anyone, and nor is it going to, as a fan, make you love them any more. The interesting thing this album did do, was that it reintroduced me to some of their older music I have neglected. Imagine this album as meeting up with an old friend, except not in the hectic night out way, but more of a Sunday tea kind of affair. You sit, laugh, enjoy yourself, and ultimately, look back on all the fun things you did in the past. This album helped me put JMQ back on my music map, and my MP3 is now filled with some of their old gems again. I honestly just got 3 tracks from Rock Dust Light Star on there, but hey, what they helped me remember was worth more than what they brought to the table. So put it on in the background while writing, reading, or having a few drinks, and every so often you will find your foot tapping along, even if you don't know the name of the song that's on.
So does that make this album good or bad? Neither, it's just nice. 

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