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Aug 28

In Short: Gamification platform goes cloud

Posted by Ryc0v in user interest , status , ryc0v , reward , nitro , motivation , marketing , gamification , Gabe Zicherman , dynamics , business to business , bunchball


Bunchball, the self-declared "inventors of gamification" has pushed the boundaries of gamification propagation with it's release of Nitro for

May 06

Brandsocial - Get Paid

Posted by Zircon in Vote , reward , paid , opinion , brandsocial , blog


Sooo, I stumble past this page, info posted by one of my Facebook friends.  The value of brands are entering a complete different dimension - this is crowd sourcing in action ... well done to the guys who ran with this initiative.  Am going to share it with you guys, as everyone would like to make a buck or two - right?

Here is an extract:

"So, what’s Brandsocial all about? Brandsocial is your revenue-generating brand opinion voice! By giving you an interactive social media platform Brandsocial asks and listens to your opinions, gets your feedback, better understands you – your opinions, needs and desires – and pays you for this participation. Leading South African brands understand your value, and will reward you for it through their partnership with Brandsocial.

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