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Jan 04

App review: Frametastic

Posted by Charmed in review , iPod Touch , iPhone , ipad , frametastic , app


I downloaded Frametastic a few weeks ago and it is listed (currently) as “free for a limited time” in its description on iTunes. If you are reading this and own any compatible device – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (running iOS 4.0 or later), I suggest you download it – you won’t regret it.

Dec 05

The Forza is with them!

Posted by automatix in Xbox , Simulator , simulation , review , racing , motorsport , Game , forza , 360


Since my very brief review of Skyrim seemed to illicit a reasonable response, I figured I might as well fuel the gaming fire, by submitting my take on the best racing game ever made. Oh, sorry, I was meant to save that for the closing paragraph, but I've never been very good at this writing thing.

Nov 03

Samsung Galaxy Note First Impressions

Posted by TobyKurien in Samsung , review , galaxy note , first impressions



Nov 02

Review : State of violence

Posted by Paralyzer in stateofviolence , south africa , review , presley chenyagae , fana mokoena


What is it : Drama/crime/somewhat thriller

Nov 02

Review : Skeem

Posted by Paralyzer in tim greene , skeeem.wandile molebatsi , review


Tim Greene follows up his dramatic first feature  " A boy called Twist" with a somewhat funny ensamble in "Skeem" . A straight comedy playing for laughs about a mixed bag of individuals , in a cheap resort after a box full of money.Like most comedies its a hit and miss situation, with some laughs being stronger than others,but the performances from the various cast is inspiring although I felt the screenplay held some punches back towards the  last act of the movie.Yet Tim Greene has to be congratulated though, on trying to deliver something light and entertaining to the cinema.

The strenghts of Skeem is it's ensemble cast and its tone. The cast has a god mixture of well rounded actors like the lead Wandile Molebatsi ( some will remember him from the TV ads and Rhythm City as Sam Sedibeng), stand up comedians such as Kurt Schoonrad and real character actors like Terrence Bridget. The cast have levels ,even the over used Kenneth Nkosi shows a some depth in this one,Wandile Molebatsi shows a lot of heart and is able to carry this movie on his shoulders. Terrence Bridget is able to take a cliche and still make it funny, the man has talent. The cast is on point.It's actually great  to watch all this talent on screen, it's fun to watch and the light tone for the first 2/3rds of the movie abd it works.

The only issue is, I felt like the guys did not want to up the ante on the last act, there comes a point where the line is drawn but the script does not want to turn as dark as the story demands ala "shallow grave". It's that negotiating of that thin line that zaps out the level of cathasis one could  have had. Yet this does not make "Skeem'' a terrible movie nor a classic in my books but a somewhat good movie that one will forget in a day or two but its fun to experience.

Jul 06

Review : Transformers -dark of the moon

Posted by Paralyzer in violence , transformers , review , michael bay , 3D


The saga finally comes to a loud, flashy, entertaining and slightly patchy end. A movie that has earned over $400 million globally in 4 days cant be that bad can it? thankfully it aint. The script is better than the second film (revenge of the fallen), the jokes and gag work better than the second film, the action sequences are better,better is the key word for T3 not great. It has not turned me into a convert of Michael Bay-hem school of film, but when the film works it works very well but unfortunately it has its weaknesses but let’s concentrate on the positives for now.

Jul 04

Review: Green Lantern

Posted by Paralyzer in ryan reynolds , review , Oa , martin campbell , mark strong , Hal Jordan , green latern


Jun 19

Review: Source Code

Posted by Paralyzer in source code , Sci-fi , review , michelle mongahan , jeffrey wright , jake gyllenhall , duncan jones , drama


Who would have thought in 2011 we will have a movie that will throw us back to classics such as Run Lola Run and 12 Monkeys. Both movies deal very well with the issues of time, time travel and philosophical issues that come with it (time travel) in a groundbreaking way.

May 12

Ubuntu Linux right up there!

Posted by irfaan46 in workspace , Windows , version , update , uk , ubuntu , System , south , shuttleworth , review , OS , operating , mzansi , mark , Linux , kernel , good , free , distribution , computer , canonical , africa , 11.04


May 08

Book Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Posted by CerebralHelices in Tina Fey , review , Bossypants , book


Bossypants Book Cover

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