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Sep 13

YOur World News according to Google

Posted by thenack in thenack , sex , rooney , prostitute , muslim , jenny thomson , hookers , google instant , eliot spitzer , eid mubarak


It is often quite fun to have a look at Google's top search terms for a certain period. It can tell you a lot of what is going on in the world and also, how people think and react to that.

For instance in South Africa at the moment Eid Mubarak came up, google it, it's a Muslim festival greeting meaning "blessed festival" as in merry Christmas. If had the good fortune to see venus underneath the crescent moon a few days ago you would have realised that something Islamac had to be going on. If you look at world wide searches though, you would also see Rosh Hashanah, this is the Jewish new year and means "head of the year". Ke Nako, feel it, it is now. So the two major monotheistic religions of the world both have a big festival about now.

What is interesting is that South Africans muslims are either more serious than the Jews, or they are more than the Jews in SA. On the other hand, it may also mean that Muslims have to google their own religion to find what it's all about, while Jews already know and don't have to Google it? I don't know which one....what I do wonder about though, while Kudu horns are very cool blowing instrument, would Vuvuzellas be OK?
YOu would also notice that Wayne Rooney is in the search hitlist for his alleged overpaying of allegedly overcharging prostitute, Jennifer Thomson. Rooney is in the search top ten, and she is in the image-search top 10. So basically, people want to know if Rooney has been riped of, what does a $1800 a nigh hooker look like? Well, turns out, she is not that pretty. The love Guv, Eliot Spitzer got better value for his money in my oppinion. All this just proves what people say "If you see a pretty girl on the tube in London, you may as well speak afrikaans to her". ..but that is just what the people say.

Spitzers overpriced hooker......                       Wayne Rooneys Overpriced Hooker.......

" Don't pass to me, I lost my contacts before the world Cup already"

Rooney can only hope he gets half as cool a nickname as "LoveGuv" from this, Randy Rooney sounds a little cartoonish if you ask me.

What I still find amazing is how LAZY and computer illiterate South Africans is. The top 2 search terms since 2004 for South Africa.........Facebook Login and Gmail Login. So first you find The Google, then you find the internets, and then you type in Facebook, then you log in. WOW, MyDL, we have lots of work ahead of us.....

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