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Feb 10

Facebook bug: Help! My profile is stuck in a time vortex!

Posted by salambander in wall , updates , update , time delay , stuck , profile , facebook lag , Facebook , days ago


Where's the Doctor when you need him? Since the third of February, my Facebook profile has been stuck in the past. By this I mean that regardless of my or my friends' activity, I, as well as my friends, cannot view anything on my profile (pictures, wall posts, etc) that is more recent than somewhere between three and five days ago. It wobbles a bit between the two. On top of this, any notifications from during that period, including EVERY SINGLE ONE that I have dealt with, several times, suddenly pop up as unread, as do days-old chat windows, which are now blank, but taking up window-space. This is incredibly frustrating, and I'm not the only one having this problem.

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