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Mar 29

I’m going postal ordeal

Posted by Jas in south african post office , service , rant , post office


On Saturday morning I went to the post office to collect an item, only to find that they had sent it off to the Johannesburg post office in town. The lady I spoke to at Parklands said I should give them a call to get them to send the item through to the Parklands post office.

Going home somewhat irritated, I went online to get the post office’s number to give them a call. Sitting on the phone waiting for someone to pick up, my patience lasted around five minutes of waiting until I eventually gave up.

I searched on the site some more and found the customer service number, which I dutifully phoned. The lady who answered was quite helpful and gave me a new number to dial. Thanking her for the number, I resumed my quest only to be stopped with a fatal “The number you have dialled does not exist”. I tried dialling again, just to make sure I had typed in the right number… Alas, the number was incorrect.

Trying a new strategy, I went and phoned the Parklands office, and asked them for the Johannesburg post office’s number, which the lady helped me with. I dialled the number, which just rang…

… for about ten minutes before someone picked up the phone. The person had no notion of what I was asking about, and simply transferred me to someone else to “pass on the buck”. After re-explaining my dilemma to this lady, I got transferred through to another person. Again, I explained my situation out, and the person took my details down and confirmed they would get a hold of me in a short time (oh boy…)

I’m still waiting for that phone call, and I suspect I won’t get it. I also suspect that what ever it is will stay at the Johannesburg post office. Much like when I organised a post box and they didn’t have a key for me to use, I was assured I would get a call as soon as they key arrived. A month later with no call, I went through to the post office and managed to collect the key… With a tag line of “We deliver. What ever it takes.” – so much for service.

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