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Jan 15

Malema versus Domestic Workers

Posted by Jawellnofine in USA , united nations , Shakespeare , SANRAL , President Zuma , politics , opinion , Modimolle Monster , Mayan Calendar , malema , iran , end of the world , e-tolling


Nov 21

Not all News is Real

Posted by Jawellnofine in Whistle-blowing , Rhetoric , Revolution , politics , opinion , murder , media , malema , information , history , Headlines , Civil society


Oct 31

Money is only paper, nickels and dimes

Posted by Jawellnofine in profit , politics , paper money , opinion , financial , economy , deficit , capitalism


We know (or have been told) that America is in the Red and China is in the Green; financially speaking of course. Same goes for the countries in the Euro zone: some are in the green, others in the red. In other words, some have true money while others only have printed money.

Oct 12

Freedom of Speech Censure

Posted by Jawellnofine in viewpoint , speech , politics , opinion , media , Government , freemdom , censure



Oct 06

Dalai in a Tutu

Posted by Jawellnofine in visa , south african , religious , religion , politics , opinion , gambling , Dalai Lama , commentary , chinese , China , brouhaha


Why are we westerners making such a issue over a religious figure. One who belives in reincarnation and predestination. I mean, he has seen it all before.

I bet that he is having a quiet giggle to himself.
I also bet that the brouhaha has nothing to do with the way his visa application was dealt with or with the China syndrome (I bet that they, China, are also having a quiet giggle to themselves watching us westerners get all hot under the coller with each other.)
I will put my money on the fact that it has mostly to do with going against anything the SA government and or the ruling party says or does; just becouse we can. Government bashing is afterall the flavour of the day.
I bet that the media machine are enjoying all the hive of activity behind this controversy; lots of money is being made.

Then again, I have never been a good gambler. But maybe, just maybe, this time my money is safe.

Jun 10

White Privilege - Alive and well in the new South Africa

Posted by Paralyzer in white privilege , south africa , redress , rainbow nation , politics


May 24

Toilet elections need fresh air

Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in toilet election , south africa , politics , pierre de vos , media , gill moodie , da , cape town , ANC , 2011 election

Pumelela Nqelenga

May 23

Democracy is not (just) about casting a vote.

Posted by flytrap in voting , politics , Government , Democracy


I managed to keep from commenting on the elections by virtue of the fact that my computer went bang and I have a bad 'flu. The discussions in the vehicle at night post-election make it hard to stay quiet. The discussions can get heated, but I encourage the girls (the caregivers I drive to their shifts) to exercise their Democratic right to express their opinions and to think their way through the politics to see the truth.

May 10

Can @presidentzuma please hurry up and fix the pothole in my street? Kthanksbye

Posted by fastforward in Twitter , trends , south africa , social media , Service Delivery , politics , julius malema , Jacob Zuma , helen zille , Democracy , da , ANC


Apr 12


Posted by GeraldineKent in university degree , tree hugger , technology , sustainability south africa , sustainability , south africa , rhodes university , Research , poverty , politics , patriot , ngo , New Media , matriculation , Journalism , humanity , history , hippie , Government , global warming , environment , Education , economics , digital media , development , culture , community , activist , Accessibility , 2012


First things first… I am not a hippie. I am not a tree-hugger. I am not a political activist. I am just a Journalism student, who has a keen interest in History, Politics and humanity’s incredible ability to ruin all the good stuff about this planet of ours.

I am a cynic. I am critical. I do believe that we can use history and past mistakes to fix the present and secure a better future. Global warming - I think I believe it exists. The apocalypse of 2012 – I’m rooting for that to be real, for it to be a cleansing session for our world. South Africa – I’m a true patriot at heart but very aware of this country’s flaws and inability to solve crises.

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