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Aug 09

Who needs a controller when you have limbs?

Posted by fastforward in xbox 360 , Xbox , Wii , video games , TV , sony , playstation move , playstation , nintendo , motion , microsoft , Kinect , Gaming , Games , facial recognition , Control


May 30

PS3 successor announced

Posted by irfaan46 in successor , sony , ps4 , PS3 , playstation , platform , ngp , masaru , kato , Gaming , e3 , development , console


Mar 20

Sony sues the first person to unlock the 1st Gen iPhone

Posted by msbodetti in unlock , sony , playstation , iPhone , geohot


I've been following this story since February 2011 where Sony Computer Entertainment America has taken geohot (Goerge Hotz) to court due to his hack on the Playstation 3 console (Including the slim)

I don't know if you know geohot, but he's the first person to actually unlock the 1st Generation iPhone back in 2007. He was 17 when he done it and it was big news mainly because it was the first unlock to go public and because he was a minor.
You can find below a video uploaded by WatWudYerManSay of the CNBC interview they had with him back then. As well as the video he posted on 21 August 2007 where he shows the first unlocked iPhone.

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