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Dec 14

My First Time

Posted by Svassandlit in tricks , tips , photoshop cs3 , photoshop , odesk , money , knowledge , hints , freelance , first , design , blog , adobe


Hi There!
I'm Anike, a freelance designer working through I stubbled upon this site yesterday and it intrigued me (mostly the money part). I have never blogged before and this is my first attempt. Not really sure what the content should be, but I'll figure that out.
Just to give you a general idea of me, my blogs will mostly be about handy tricks and effects in Adobe Photoshop. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, so I have no idea whether my advice and tips will work on the latter versions, but give it a try, it won't hurt. I'm not an expert but I know that many aren't and any bit of knowledge helps.
I'll be keeping you posted.

Aug 11

How to make a custom background for your Twitter page

Posted by msbodetti in YouTube , Twitter , photoshop , customise , background


So after my last post on creating a custom background for my YouTube channel, I thought it would be definitely cool to get it done for Twitter.

Even though both YouTube and Twitter pages look similar and if you had to upload your YouTube background we made before, you will see that it's totally off. And to figure out how to design your custom background, you have to resize your browser to see if the background changes in any way.

So I uploaded my YouTube background to my Twitter page but it's too much to the left. So when I resized the browser window to the left to make it narrower, the background stayed still but the Twitter body moved to the left. And when you move it to the right, the Twitter body moves right.
So what can we do with that information?

We can make a custom background with our main images placed on the top left corner and try to keep important images away from the right, reason? Well we don't know how big or small our viewers browser windows are opened and if it's on the left, the viewer will still see it regardless how big or small their windows are opened.

But which screen size should we use?

We should use the most common one 1280 x 1024


1. Download the psd file of the Twitter template here. If you look in the layers panel, you should see a folder called Templates and you will see the most common screen sizes listed. Make sure the 1280 x 1024 is not hidden and all others are.

Aug 01

How to Customise your YouTube's Channels Background

Posted by msbodetti in YouTube , Twitter , photoshop , mydigitallife , gimp , Facebook , diigo , custom , channel , background


I've noticed that a lot of South African Youtube Channels (Including my personal channel) are not customized as it should be. Look below images for before and after on my channel.

Apr 05

Photoshop and Aperture is nothing with out OnOne (Windows and Mac)

Posted by msbodetti in picture resize 7 , photoshop , onone , genuine fractals , focal point , arpeture


So if your reading this, your a Graphic Designer or a Photographer or just one of those people that use Photoshop or Aperture to make your images/designs even better!

In my line of work, I've been asked to do some crazy things with other people's designs or images. I think the most outrageous one is making a image that is 200 pixels (both width and height) into 2000 pixels with out losing resolution. I've done a lot of research on search engines to be able to accomplish this. And I finally came to it…

Perfect Resize 7 (Formerly known as Genuine Fractals) from OnOne. They have accomplished the big nightmare that us Graphic/Web Designers go through and they did it well. You can get it in a Plug In for your Photo editing programs like Photoshop or get it as a standalone App. They have other plug ins which you can find here. Unfortunately it's not that cheap ranging from  $159.95 for the Standard Edition and $299.95 for the Professional Edition.

This the original image I worked with in one of my projects. (500 pixels width; 362 pixels height)

Jun 28

Black and White Digital Photo effects

Posted by thenack in thenack , photoshop , monochrome , image , enhancement , digital photo , camera , black and white


Which one of these do you like best? I can't decide. The one is standard off camera, the other has high levels of sharpening and contrast adjustment for a more "grainy" "film" effect? First or second?

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