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May 17

Tag pages on Facebook!

Posted by Nasreen in tagging , products , privacy , photos , photo tagging , people , pages , nike , Facebook , brands


A new exciting feature that we’ve all been waiting for is finally on Facebook and will start to function from Wednesday. Photo tagging for pages now allows users to have the ability to tag Pages in their photos on Facebook.  It seems as though Facebook is hoping to enrich the user experience by enhancing the capabilities of the Facebook platform.

Jul 07

Why Some Are Driven To Commit Social Media Suicide

Posted by redsaid in Web 2.0 Suicide Machine , Web 2.0 , Twitter , teenage angst , photos , Paris Hilton , Myspace , myDL blogs , high school , Facebook , Dr. Kevorkian , Deleting Web 2.0 accounts , Cheekbones , bikini


Sometimes social media Web sites can make you relive high school all over again. And I don’t just mean it in the way that it allows you to reconnect with some of those long-lost friends and acquaintances from back then.

Jun 17


Posted by thenack in world cup , thenack , supporters , Soccer , pictures , photos , images , football , FIFA , fan fest , bafana bafana



I went to the centurion Cricket grounds on friday for the 2010 opening festivities. Supersport park is the Tshawne/Pretoria fan fest location. What a huge party! The event was superbly organised and ALL the fans were in high spirits and well behaved. You could hear the vuvuzelas from kilometers away and it was just smiles and SA flags were you looked, not to mention Bafana gear!

I took my camera along and these are some of the pics I took of this awesome event. there were thousands and thousands of people, supersport park was jam packed and everybody had a ball. The only problem was the legth of the beer ques, doh!
all in all I hope all the rest of the world cup can go like this day, it was superbly organised and to my opinion if most of the events go like this, the world cup will be one to remember!

Hope you enjoy my photos!  BeMotivatedToday and make some money!


Whatching the game on the bigscreen at supersport park was awsome!

I call this guy Southafricaman

Makarapas, makarapas, everywhere you look!!!!

Rainbow nation hotness.

Soccerball hat in bafana colours

This started earlier as part of the football friday friendly footbal match!

Seriaas support

Loyalty, baby bafana of the future

BeMotivatedToday and make some money

Apr 16

Sokker Wereldbeker Fotos en Inligting

Posted by thenack in wereldbeker , thenack , south africa , photos , info , football , FIFA



HEre are some awesome pics of the world cup stadiums. I have seen the one in Nelspruit, GIANT GIRAFFES serve as pillars, amazing. 1 Hours drive from the Kruger Park, watch your football and go see some animals. I also saw the one in Durban from a boat at see at 4 in the morning, it is AMAZING!. It dwarves Kingspark totally, you should go see it even if you don't have tickets for a game.

What many people don't know yet is that most of the fans will be watching the games at "fanparks" Giant screens will be showing the games so that people can watch it together. This should also be a lot of fun as "fanparks" will have beer. Nuf are the locations.

Most of the fanparks are located around the top tourist destinations, mainly Western Cape and Gauteng, but I think one of the coolest holidays ever will be visiting all of the fanparks, you will have the best time ever. They are located in the best spots!

If you know somebody from the oversees, pass this along

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