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Aug 02

MTN Mobile Money: Debit comes to the party

Posted by Mobile Kugel in world wide worx , Uganda , student , standard bank , south africa , Security , RICA , purchase habits , pin , phishing , payd , online shopping , mtn mobile money , ghana , e-commerce , debit cards , credit cards , Cell phone , atm , 1time airline

Mobile Kugel

The online shopping industry in South Africa is pathetic. There are a number of reasons people do not shop online; security, stupidity and general lack of trust in the general process.

May 13

Ice cream for 419-Scammers

Posted by flytrap in scambaiting , scambaiter , phishing , 419scam


Ok, so the heading is just to get you to read.  Unfortunately, the Surprise Lottery Win, the box of money needing to be moved and the deceased relative of the poor orphan are all still alive and well. Even so, 419scammers are getting their just desserts.

Nov 11

Gone Phishing

Posted by barrmar in phishing , anti-phishing software update by


I receive dozens of phishing attacks daily for every bank under the sun. 

May 13

Gone Phishing!

Posted by sgb in Security , phishing , Banks


There has been a marked increase in phishing attempts by 'bank-look-alikes' in the past year. They are also becoming more sophisticated, correcting spelling and grammar, and starting to copy the 'look and feel' of the genuine item. So how to combat it?

A report came out about two weeks ago basically telling people to:

Apr 06

Uncle Eugene in Cyberspace

Posted by EgbertFly in terreblanche , Space , south africa , phishing , eugene terreblanche , Eugene , email , Cyber , crook , Criminal



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