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Mar 03

Why you SHOULD get a 1GHz processor....

Posted by thenack in those were the days , RAM , pentium , pc , gadgets , Digital , CRT , computers


Yip, I still remember those days, the first PC I bought myself. My previous two were a really cheap piece of crap running DOS that my dad got secondhand for me. The second I got from my bursary company, also second hand, and the previous owner basically used it as a place to whipe his snot on. It also did not work very well.
Come the day that PC mag had a front page articel. Why you SHOULD get a 1 GHz processor. Yip. The first Pentium 1GHz processors. I had to have one. For once in my life I would get the best available. I was still a student but was earning a bit through lab assistant and a whole bunch of other weird things. So I got it. Pentium 1GHz with 1GHz ram and a pretty neat video card. 15 inch CRT, bitchin.
PCMAG was right, that was the best PC I ever got, I can stil play quake III Arena on it like a madman (the CRT will kill your eyes though), it has all my photos from varsity. Running smooth, never been formatted or anything.
Now I have a laptop with 4 X better specs that is slow and full of crap. I have a quadcore 3GHz PC with 8GHz ram and a friggen video card with more power than my original PC, and it dies about once a year.
That PC is like the nissan 1400 bakkie of computers, I'll always keep it around, they don't make them like they used to.....

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