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Dec 11

VGA 2011

Posted by Pippen in zelda , xbox 360 , Xbox , videogame , video game awards , VGA2011 , VGA , uncharted , skyrim , rpg , PS3 , PS , portal , pc , nba , multiplayer , modern warfare , mobile , minecraft , mario , Games , forza , fighting , driving , download , call of duty , batman , bastion , awards , arkham


Dec 02

Health tips for gamers

Posted by rabbit1986 in pc gaming , pc , lifestyle , healthy gaming , Health , gaming tips


So if you are like any serious gamer, a session can stretch for multiple hours if not an entire day. This of course places some strain on the human body which lets face it has not evolved to be able to sit in front of a blinking screen all day with only minimal hand and arm movement "could evolution speed up already." Due to this fact allot of my friends and myself in the past always made sure to have some mechanisms in place to see us through the worst of it (mostly around the 12th time that sniper shot you from the other side of the map *%#!) These mechanisms can include a large bag of crisps, at least 2 litres of coke (don't forget the ice). Meals are substituted for a slice of toast, chocolate bar, bowl of cereal (no matter the time of day), or even my favourite delivery pizza for those who have not spent all their money already on some piece of gaming.

Sep 07

A noob in need

Posted by Megg_Ellis in pc , noob , megg_ellis , Megan Ellis , desktop , computers


Hello fellow myDLers 

Jun 01

Recording yourself – Part 3

Posted by Llama in USB , Pre-amps , Portable recording , PCI cards , pc , notebook , Netbook , laptop , Home recording studio , FireWire , Computer recording


Apr 27

Ukhuluma ngani?

Posted by Khatija in zulu , world wide worx , wireless , section 16 , rural , pc , mobility 2011 , Languages , internet , Freedom of Expression , english , Democracy , Broadband , bill of rights , barriers to access


Direct translation: “What are you talking about”?

Feb 27

FaceTime: Mac to iPhone - Vice Versa

Posted by msbodetti in pc , Mac , iPod Touch , iPhone , facetime , Apple , App Store


So the FaceTime for Mac was officially released on 24 February 2011. It basically allows you to have video calls between your Apple devices, but not just any Apple device…

Unfortunately it is not available for previous iPhone models that have 3G enabled cameras such as the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. The only reason I can think of that Apple is restricting this, is because they want you to buy the latest editions which is the iPhone 4 and the 4th Generation iPod touch. Maybe they will make changes to the iPhone firmware later on which allows FaceTime for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.
You can even have FaceTime calls between Mac users with this App.

 I have recently tested out the iPhone 4 FaceTime call with my sister in Norway. It works just as good with a video call over Skype from my Mac which goes to show how revolutionized this is. The lag of video calls depends on the ISP upstream and downstream connection you have. I have the MWEB Adsl unlimited on the downstream of 4 Mbps and upstream of 512 Kbps. It works really good and it's satisfactory for me.


- An iPhone 4 or 4th Generation iPod Touch with firmware 4.1 and higher
-A Mac OS X with Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6 and higher) It can be a notebook or desktop
-The FaceTime App from the Mac App Store (Costs $0.99 which is reasonable)

How to set it up

1. Firstly you need to make sure that the FaceTime capability is enabled on your iPone 4 or iPod Touch 4th Gen; Go to Settings - Phone and switch the FaceTime on or on the iPod Touch 4th Gen Go to Settings - FaceTime and switch it on and put in your Apple ID and password and it will verify it

Oct 06

Will These Replace The Laptop?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Windows , Steve Jobs , Speed , Space , Samsung , RIM , RAM , PlayBook , phone , pc , OS , notebook , Netbook , laptop , ipad , interface , Galaxy Tab , blackberry , Apple , Achilles


They’ve given it different names, yet it still looks the same. From laptop, to notebook to netbook…who knows what the differences are? Some will quote you the differences off hand, some will swear there is a noticeable difference, but honestly…there is no difference, its something that’s not stationary, you can carry it around and work on it no matter where you are! Now, it’s no more a phone war. Microsoft dabbled in phones to steal some of Apple’s market share, and then Steve became blatantly upset, and vented like any self respecting man would. Now, everyone is tossing his supposed salad!

Sep 21

Google gave me a virus link!!

Posted by HomeGrownHoney in Viruses , pc , Google


Yesterday afternoon I decided to search Google for a couple of themed birthday cards for my daughters upcoming eight birthday party.  Just like everyone else I have been using Google for years without any problem.

Jun 19

Technology, Viruses and PC's!

Posted by Erised in Viruses , virus , technology , pc , internet , computer , blogging , applications , anti virus


Rule number one; always take to consideration that a computer is just programmed to do certain things and with programming, there are limitations!

Mar 29

MsDev Day - What Microsoft have in store for us

Posted by riiaan in Zune , XNA Game Studio , Xbox , Windows Phone 7 , pc , Microsoft DevDay , microsoft , Kudo Game Lab , Internet Explorer 9


Microsoft DevDay. 

Last week I had the privilege to go the Microsoft DevDay. (With privilege I mean – chance to skip a day at the office).  

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