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Dec 15

The Paranoid Web

Posted by Jas in spam , social media , Security , passwords


So after the recent news of Gawker Media having their websites hacked, I've received countless e-mails from many other services, all in a flurry and panic that the password that I've used will have been hacked, and that I should change them all immediately.

Now I'd like to think that, as a non-causal user of the Internet, that I have pretty secure passwords (which if I count on fingers, usually pass over the 15-digit value including the use of alphanumerical and non-standard keys) so I'm fairly confident that it would take more than a few years worth of processing power to brute force one of my passwords.

So why is it now, all of a sudden, YouTube sends me a mail to inform me that my account has been accessed by a third party, and that it's been suspended (its not all that much of a biggie for me – I rarely use the site anyways). I just begin to wonder how it's been accessed by a third party – since I know for a fact that my password is roughly 14 characters in length? Methinks this is just more wide-spread hysterics, or the beginnings of a story of how insecure their own IT Infrastructure might be...

Overall, I'm actually rather tired of all this spam I'm getting from different services I've signed up to (which makes me think its time to go on a mass-exodus from these other ventures). The Web's paranoid, methinks. (and what really gets me is that people know they should be using strong passwords, and yet still fail miserably at generating them. Find a pattern, differentiate that pattern between each site – its really not all that difficult to do).

Jan 22

Hacking made easy

Posted by HomeGrownHoney in passwords


It is common knowledge that people are creatures of habit, making it all to easy for hackers to access private accounts, maybe most people are just to stupid or ignorant to realize that they are making it way too easy. That was the big reason for the password breach of 32 million passwords in December 2009.

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