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Feb 20

Civil Unrest...and how Web 2.0 can help Democracy

Posted by Dissol in Yemen , Web 2.0 , Twitter , Tunisia , pakistan , Libya , Egypt , Civil Unrest , Bahrain



Nov 26

A World messed up....

Posted by Dissol in UNHCR , UN , pakistan , islam , Freedom of Expression



May 20

Facebook and Youtube banned in Pakistan – Pakistan Pokes no more

Posted by MikeZilla in YouTube , social media , pakistan , Facebook , Censorship


 Youtube banned in pakistan In the growing and ever expanding world of technology, we are free to say what we want. We have youtube the most amazing platform ever to raise the voice and consciousness of the planet. We have twitter, facebook and a plethora of other social media advances waiting to be created. Facebook twitter et al represent the first truly global communities in the history of civilisation. We are at the brink. We lucky few are living through a fundamental change in the structures of human civilisation and the emergence of social media societies. Yet in the midst of all this change the more things stay the same.

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