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Jan 14

Creating an On-line community

Posted by Aratus in websites , Twitter , social media , sales , open source , online , marketing , Facebook , community



Jul 15

Creating data models with Open ModelSphere

Posted by barrmar in UML Modelling , open source , Open Modelsphere , Data modelling software , Business process modelling


Faced with having to create a data model of a system presented me with a problem. Visio is just not up to the task. It allows you to draw the pictures, but provides little scope to define the model properly. 

Mar 05

Issue / Bug / Tracking / Client help desk

Posted by Jas in support , software , open source , issue tracker , help desk , bug tracking


I have a friend that works for a fairly small company that is becoming inundated with support calls. I suggested he looks at software to handle issue tracking, support, and bug tracking – but fell short when it came to looking at Sourceforge. When I delved further into his requirements, my friend says he needs a fair level of automation involved – I’m guessing like a client help desk. What open source initiatives are being used. State reasons for use (ie: features, ease of installation etc).

Dec 03

Computing in the Clouds: The plus sides of cloud computing

Posted by Toaster in open source


Two days ago I wrote a blog on cloud computing and how it is set to radically change the way we use our PCs by basically storing and accessing your applications and data through your web browser, and if Google has their way your entire operating system. Why change though? What makes this new I.T craze worth changing what has worked so well for us all this time? Read on to see what the big supporters of cloud computing say are the major selling points to the cloud computing revolution.

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