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Jan 14

Creating an On-line community

Posted by Aratus in websites , Twitter , social media , sales , open source , online , marketing , Facebook , community



Nov 03

Who owns your identity online?

Posted by Nasreen in violate , Twitter , online , media companies , identification , googleplus , Facebook


In any normal circumstance, you are required to own an Identification card once you reach the age of sixteen, and thereafter wherever you go, you have to present it when entering social places such as clubs or bars. It’s also essential to have it in order to vote in an election or make payments at the bank.

Aug 23

Social Media: 6 best practices

Posted by Howie2.0 in ugc , Twitter , strategy , storify , social media , smo , photosynth , online , internet , Google , flickr , Facebook , crowdmap , best practices


Social media is like Google’s elusive Algorithm which keeps search engine marketers on their toes around the clock. It’s a constantly changing and evolving species of technology meshed with 2-way communication channels, audience scope and UGC.

Jun 07

Little grey dots

Posted by archived_user in romance , online , mydl , Lustville , little dots , fiction , chatting , blog , BiTcH , adult


Apr 20

newspapers: digital revenue strategies

Posted by Howie2.0 in the herald , online , newspapers , grocotts online , grocotts mail , eastern cape , dispatch online , digital revenue strategies , daily dispatch


‘Out with the old and in with the new’ – it’s accepting change that is the most difficult thing for most, especially for print media. It’s essential for newspapers to diversify its revenue strategy on to the online sector with this evolving technology landscape. Newspapers should combine the power of mass media and online advertising ideally. There are many debated strategies for gaining revenue online, some ideas are being used and some are still under development.

Apr 13

Fast Forward: The future of paywalls and free news online

Posted by fastforward in paywall , payment , online , news , new york times , Journalism , future , free , Digital


Jan 12

Online Shopping: What Do You Think Of It?

Posted by Jawellnofine in viewpoint , shopping , opinion , online shopping , online , global counter , consumers , buying


During the past holiday season, my fancy took me to surfing online shopping sites. A form of consumerism that is becoming popular in leaps and bounds.

Oct 25

Buying Stuff Online Woop Dee Doo!

Posted by DevilTrigger in stuff , Porn , online , buying , , animal


Within the next few months I am going to make my first online purchase. Ever. (I know thats ages away, but I got writers block dammit so I'm gonna write about this now). I needs me a graphics tablet, and those things are hard to come by in the real world, hence the decision to go online. I'm getting a Wacom Intuos4  small, and cannot wait. But as a virgin online buyer...what to do? Is it safe? Will my identity get stolen by some evil bastard who will use it to buy animal porn?

Oct 01

Is Google living on borrowed time?

Posted by The Organ Harvester in Twitter , online , Google , Facebook , Digital advertising

The Organ Harvester

According to some reports, Google has $30 Billion on its balance sheet in cash that they're not doing anything with. Some have suggested that Google make Twitter an offer they can't refuse and buy the micro-blogging web platform before Twitter becomes too big.

Sep 17

Smokoo: Scum but not Scam... technically

Posted by tally in south africa , smokoo , online , gambling , auction


An iPad for R200? Looks too good to be true. You'd better believe it!


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