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Jun 07

Little grey dots

Posted by archived_user in romance , online , mydl , Lustville , little dots , fiction , chatting , blog , BiTcH , adult


Jan 10

Smokoo got a raw deal!

Posted by The Oracle in Vodacom , Teazers , smokoo , mydl , Bidding Buzz , bidchaser

The Oracle

Well having been a partial observer to this site over the past few months due to a very hectic schedule i decided that this was the idea opportunity to re-enter the world of MYDL!

Oct 14

myDL mobi site

Posted by Charmed in mydl , mobi site , blog posts


Hi Bloggers

Sep 20

How to check blog hits

Posted by Charmed in statistics , mydl , money earned , blog hits


Hi Everyone

Aug 28

Improving MyDL

Posted by barrmar in mydl , hits , Blogs


A number of MyDL bloggers have been going to great lengths in attempt to revive MyDL from the slump that has seen the number of hits (visitors) and the number of posts plummet over recent months. 

Aug 10

How the site works

Posted by The Source in mydl , mobi , cellphones

The Source

As some of you might have noticed when browsing My Digital Life on your cellphone, we are now directing you to a mobile website instead of the desktop version.

Jul 03

Hits Down Like a Punched Python!

Posted by thenack in thenack , post , mydl , life , hits , digi , blog



After the success of Barman as top earner for June (R120), and even with the fact that ShacledMuse earned R300 but couldn't win 2 months in a row, I just realised again that HITS ARE DISMAL.

In fact, it is getting to the point where it really isn't worth taking the time to write proper, entertaining blogs, adding lots of funny or relevant pictures, proofreading....if it is going to be read by the same 10 people. Why would I go through the trouble of posting this unique little picture here, If I could get three times the hits on another blog?


Where else have you seen Juan Claude punshing a rubber snake? Anyways...

We should be having more and more permanent members, but it seems we are having less and less.

Here is what I think can make a difference:

Seeing all the blogs at the top of the page, not just digital. People blog mostly to connect with people. Give all the blogs equal exposure. Also we need less "pro blogger" articles and more exposure for the people.

It should be easier to follow all blogs that you have activity on. Whether it is your own blog or one you commented on, you should be able to follow your conversations easily. Personally I hate receiving e-mail notifications about comments. I want to go to one place and have my blogs sorted by newest, or conversations. Blogs spend maybe one or two days on the home page and then they are lost forever, down into the abyss of eternal terabytes of dead posts. Blogs should be kept alive, good posts should become old and die in their sleep....not cut down in their prime.

Further commenting should be encouraged and new members and different opinions should be encouraged. Have a top commented post section. The top blog idea is a move in the right direction, but have more of this and make it more visual. This could be so great, but people just don't get the same experience as with other blogging sites. We need many different groups of friends on here, not just a core group. That is what has to change in my opinion.

Jul 02

At the top in quiet month

Posted by barrmar in mydl , hits , dwindling visitors to the site


I am honoured to see that I made the highest number of hits for the month of June. As you can see from the board, this was achieved with a very low number of hits.

Jun 22

How HITS work on myDL

Posted by The Source in mydl , hits , authors

The Source

I have received a lot of messages, and now I see some blogs about the topics, on why there are differences in the amount of hits on the blog and stats tab.

I am going to explain this once again and then create a posting in the support forum which will be linked to this blog, basically since I cannot remember what I called the previous blog explaining this :).

Jun 22

Hits for my MyDL posts nose-dive in June

Posted by barrmar in post hits , mydl , Blog traffic


Could it be the 2010 World Cup? Has everyone abandoned MyDL (and in particular my posts) in favour of the soccer? 

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