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Aug 01

How to Customise your YouTube's Channels Background

Posted by msbodetti in YouTube , Twitter , photoshop , mydigitallife , gimp , Facebook , diigo , custom , channel , background


I've noticed that a lot of South African Youtube Channels (Including my personal channel) are not customized as it should be. Look below images for before and after on my channel.

Sep 06

Rock The Vote

Posted by redsaid in zimbabwe , Vote , , mydigitallife , Election , Charmed , Best Science and Technology Blog , 2010 South African Blog Awards


Yo, Saffas! Did you know that there is currently an important local election going on? But don't worry, you foreigners who live here, you don't have to be a holder of the (worthless) green passport to be able to vote in this particular election. In fact, you don't even have to live in South Africa or ever have set your foot on our fair shores as a visitor to cast your vote.

Jun 15

How does a struggling blogger survive?

Posted by ShackledMuse in unemployment , paid content , mydigitallife , job search , job hunt , helium , blogging , blog


How does a so-called SAPO Chief Teller,  Platinum Life Sales Consultant,  unemployed writer  blogger survives?



First all, she has a one or two people that truly show their support.

In this case:

  • My loving partner, who takes care of me no matter how hard the circumstances may be,
  • and a best friend, who listens patiently to all my rants and raves, and follows every word I write online.

Their support, in what ever form, means the world to me.


Feb 26

THAT woman's sense of direction

Posted by Flycatchr in [grrr] , Smartphone , mydigitallife , My Digital Life , mobile device , htc , GPS , gadget


A friend of mine gave me an HTC X7500. Its like a mini laptop and cell phone combined. REALLY nice little gift, and it comes with all the little apps one would expect from a windows mobile 5 device. A great little tool for "on the go" quotes and emails. You do need to trick it into thinking its software certificates are up to date to continue using MSN though, but that is another story for another day when I feel like bashing Microsoft.

Feb 20

One phone to rule them all

Posted by The Source in Twitter , social , mydl , mydigitallife , Facebook , blackberry , api

The Source

As I 've mentioned in my previous blog, I received an invitation to test the beta version of the new BlackBerry Twitter application.

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