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Apr 04

A Break Atlast!

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


So here I am after about two weeks of no blogging, where I finally have time to post a blog.

Currently I'm 50km outside Warmbaths, somewhere in the bushveld, on a camp.
There is so much to blog about, the petrol price, my new car, Zimbabwe and the current power cuttings.

The last two weeks was very hectic for me. The MD gave me greave, because I'm always surfing the net. So for basically the firts time in 6 months I'm working. I actually enjoy it and forgot how much fun working can be, if you have a job

Apr 04

How (not) to get rid of a mouse...

Posted by cyberbond in Untagged 


This weekend past we found a mouse in our bathroom... not the first one ... I've managed to get rid of about 10 the last 3 months.
Not wanting to use a trap in our room, I left it at that and haven't seen the little critter since.
Today my wife made the horrible find that Mr. mouse somehow got into the laundry... and got washed with it... not much was left of him. (RIP Mr. mouse)

Apr 04

e-Blockwatch: Fighting Crime with Technology

Posted by Kitten in Untagged 


I recently came across the e-Blockwatch website which aims to fight crime with the aide of technology.

Apr 04

My Life Without Electricity

Posted by DBS in Untagged 


With the instigation of rolling blackouts that Eskom created a new term for in load shedding, from the 1st of April, I spent some time reflecting on what had I done to reduce my electricity consumption by 10% or more.

Apr 04

Tahoma the hunta

Posted by PattiLain in Untagged 

I asked Ilva the other day why our kittens have not yet caught anything. We used to have a cat who would catch absolutely every living thing. Birds, rats, mice, even the odd chipmunk or two.

But our little Thalia and Tahoma don't seem to be hunting or catching anything, despite being outside most of the time.

Well, this weekend, Tahoma proved herself to be a vicious hunter. She attacked a lizard so swiftly, that it didn't even have time to drop its tail.

Tahoma had been practising on a little stuffed lion toy, and eventually decided she needed a real victim...

Apr 04


Posted by Jas in Untagged 


Yesterday I decided I would play around a little more with the awesome ASUS EEE PC - especially after reading on the EEE PC User forums about the success of running various Windows-based games on the little machine (and you will be surprised at the games that actually run on this little beast).

Installing Windows XP SP 2 wasn't as easy as I originally envisioned it to be. The lack of a USB CD / DVD drive put an instant dampener on the ease of installing the Operating System. Luckily, there are some clever chaps out there that have written instructions on how to get your Windows XP onto a USB Flash Device, solving my initial problem.

Firstly, I used the awesome nLite program to drastically reduce the size of my Windows XP install cd, through a process called Slipstreaming. Removing all components I know I don't need on my ASUS EEE PC was relatively easy - and in total, it removed approx. 350MB of install space on the Windows XP SP 2 installer.

Next, following the instructions here, I came across a continual problem - one which was only solved much later after actually reading all the output: don't keep your files on your desktop, place them in your root directory. Secondly, make sure there are no spaces between any of the paths - this caused me hours of frustration last night, as I was in a hurry to get the device loaded, and as such, wasn't reading the console messages properly.

Eventually I managed to get everything up and running, rebooted the machine, and was surprised that it took a couple of seconds to get me back into Windows - quite literally! I've never seen the Windows load screen loader have it's scrolling progress bar travel around half way before booting into the OS! Don't believe me, here's a short video I took from shutdown to startup:


The device now has 2.69 GB of free space (I'm only using 1.02GB at the moment), even after installing the device drivers, and most of the Windows XP updates. Please note that I opted out of installing Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player (I forgot to remove Outlook Express) and Windows Messenger. Internet browsing is still accessible through the Windows Explorer, although I am probably going to make use of Firefox Portable (and potentially Thunderbird Portable).

Next, I thought I would try running a game on the machine. Sins of a Solar Empire is probably one of the best games I've played. Ever. It wasn't released all to long ago, and so I thought it would be interesting to see if the EEE PC could run it. Quickly installing all the device drivers for the device, I got Sins onto a USB Flash Device, and actually managed to get it to run on the EEE PC! Not at the speeds you would expect on a full blown desktop machine, but still playable! Note: I have not overclocked or used any utilities to alter the screen resolution, even though such utilities exist.

Obviously there are a few modifications that need to be made to the configuration files - and unfortunately it appears that Sins of a Solar Empire does have an absolute minimum desktop resolution - as it wouldn't adjust the display to the existing 800 x 480 that the device supports (well other resolutions are available, but they generally force the task bar to move to an inaccessible region on your desktop, resulting in the need for you to scroll to the required place in order to interact with your desktop).

Apr 04

What are Mbeki and Frene hiding?

Posted by DBS in Untagged 

The axing of Vusi Pikholi as head of the NPA doesn't get any clearer. IOL is reporting that the findings of the Ginwala commission will not be released for public consumption.
The obvious conclusion to me is that Mbeki was made aware of the investigations into Jackie Selebi and did what he could to protect him from prosecution.

Come clean Mbeki we all make mistakes, an apology while not necessarily pleasant to do, may be good for you
Apr 04

Guess what...

Posted by The Pianist in Untagged 

The Pianist

Eskom once again proves that they are incompetent idiots.  They have annoying adverts on radio and television advertising “save electricity”, “we have no coal”.  They have adverts on the radio stating “phone us for load shedding information or check online”.  You cannot get through to their call centres, and their website cannot provide information.

Apr 04

Asking the important Asks

Posted by Echoes in Untagged 

In the run up to my birthday and with all the changes in the past year (and because I’m feeling very sorry for myself because my man is thousands of miles away over the water), I have come to the not-so-startling revelation that I am a total chick.
It’s not that I never knew, but that I always had pride in the fact that I wasn’t one of those women. You know which type I refer to…they cry when they have PMT, they feel insecure, they question their importance and value in a relationship. All that bullshit stuff that makes men think we’re complete nutbars.
And I was never that kind of girl. Way too rational and level-headed, I saw all the past men in my life as drama queens who tended to complicate things at a drop of a hat. But there’s something to be said about falling hopelessly in love. I f you’re like me you’re going to initially resist the very idea (because girls like us are far too logical to fall in love). However, when we finally do give it up and give in to that feeling of free falling into that uncertain abyss of emotion called love, we become one of those girls.
And in doing so we tend to (subconsciously) attempt relationship suicide by requesting constant affirmation and reassurance. Guys don’t need this. They’re still bowled over by the fact that you and he are a couple and you like him warts and all.
You see, women can be susceptible to temporary insanity due to curiosity overkill.
During a surprisingly brief episode of curiosity overkill, a woman will ask a man a certain type of question, already expecting a very specific answer and thoroughly convinced that, in the heat of the moment, she’ll get the right and truthful response from her telepathic man.
Furthermore, the man, feeling like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights, senses that if he gives the “wrong” answer, within seconds he could be relationship road kill. Unless his truthful answer is the answer he thinks the woman wants to hear, he might try to sidestep the question, or possibly even lie.
It’s ya’ old question of “Does my ass look big in these jeans?”

But here’s the catch: she doesn’t really need – or want – the honest truth. It’s relationship suicide. And a passion killer of note. The answer could be potentially hurtful and, meanwhile, the guy is sitting there thinking, “But who cares… I’m with you. I like you. And your big ass”. But…nuh uh…she WANTS the answer that she WANTS. A veritable mindful of anxiety for all involved, huh?
To be fair, men can be susceptible to curiosity overkill, too. In fact, they’re likely to get drawn to the same type of quesiton. And although they might not be asking, “Does my ass look big” questions, they can be dangerously curious about how we perceive the size of Little Johnny.
I must confess. In the past, I’ve asked men some incredibly stupid questions because I thought I could handle the truth. In a relationship I’m not particularly insecure, so I mistook my confidence to be a thick skin. Suffice to say that if I wasn’t insecure before I asked those questions, I was definitely a bit uneasy after they were answered (I have always aspired to date incredibly honest and blunt men. Go figure).
But the questions I regret most are the important ones I didn’t ask. The kind of question that you NEED a truthful answer to — even if you don’t always want it. Like when a woman in a serious relationship asks a man if he’s having an affair. Without a truthful answer to an important question, you cannot make smart, informed decisions for yourself. If only I had been brave enough to ask THAT question, face the really honest answer and deal with the consequences of his actions – I would have felt slightly less misled and foolish. I would have made the decision to leave.
And you’ll probably end up paying later for your lack of curiosity.
Of late, I’ve become a very smart girl. I mean, really…When you have those butterflies in your stomach, and the endorphins are crashing around your system and hormones are raging…it’s not like you’re going to stop and have a little “chat”. If you’re single, I reckon that there’s a conversation you need to have BEFORE sleeping with him – especially if you want the interaction to last longer than 8am tomorrow morning….
Stuff like…Are you married?, Are you sleeping with other people?, Are you already involved with someone else?, Do you use condoms?, Do you use any drugs?, Do you have an STD?, Have you been tested for HIV/AIDS?….
I know, I know…talk about a mood killer, you grumble. And you think that your man (or woman) would never deliberately lie to you about something like that. “I would be dating the kind of man / woman who would voluntarily give me that kind of bad news before we ‘consumate’ our arrangement – rather than be seriously blindsided later?”
*snort* Funny girl. Wake up…other people want to get laid, you know. And they’re not always picky about the when’s and how’s.
Sometimes, of course, a woman doesn’t ask a man the important questions because she doesn’t want to have to answer them herself.
What a wicked web we weave. I want to ask the important questions first. With all that crap out of the way, I can have fun. Fun without fear of anything coming back to haunt me on the other side of multiple orgasms.
In a manner of speaking, of course.
Point is, I’ve made peace with love and as long as I realise that being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean I can’t be a total girlie around my man. But, more importantly, it shouldn’t turn me into a blithering idiot who forgets the important questions; in favour of the shallow affirmation we need as women to make ourselves feel great.
Because, after all…if you feel empowered, hot and fabulous, you will be empowered, hot and fabulous. And you can concentrate on asking the important questions.
Although, as much as he expects you to assume it, it would be nice to hear you’re hot, gorgeous and fabulous now and then.
Apr 04

Breast Cancer is Not Cool.

Posted by Kindred in Untagged 


Okay ... so this is actually a rather odd sentiment from a guy. I know this is something that I will never have affect me directly. I can never be inflicted with it, and I can never have to deal with the mental scaring and the shattering of self esteem that happens from possibly having to have a mastectomy.

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