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Aug 02

Oh my, Captain Sparrow, don’t you smell nice?

Posted by fastforward in theatre , south korea , pirates of the caribbean , movies , kung fu panda , jack sparrow , Hollywood , future , film , d box , cinema , cgv , 4D , 3D


Oct 21

Why people pirate

Posted by tally in Piracy , music , mp3s , movies , laurence lessig , free , download


There seems to be an impression among those in the entertainment industry that piracy is a crime driven by scumbags who simply want to get for free what they should rightfully be paying for.

May 12

TopTV offers interesting programme choices but is battling to cope with demand!

Posted by barrmar in toptv , Pay TV , Music TV , movies , Fox TV , Discovery , Bollywood


A quick view of the TopTV website shows that the new channel is battling to cope with the demand. The site proclaims that "we have doubled our capacity to manage your calls." If you don't get an answer, leave a message. They promise to get back to you within 72 hours. The call centre is available from 8:00 to 18:00. 

Mar 09

Movie Review: Scar

Posted by riiaan in Scar , review , movies , Monkeys with Rabies


Movie Review: Scar

Movie review: Scar

**This review contains spoilers**  
**But you don’t want to watch this movie, trust me**

Mar 08

Renting online dvd`s in South Africa

Posted by HomeGrownHoney in south africa , renting , pushplay , online , netflix , movies , DVD


I have been doing a little bit of research on what options are available to people wanting to rent dvd`s online in South Africa, for those lazy Saterdays and it seems that our best options would be . I searched for a couple of different options on the net, unfortunately this was the only one I found.

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