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Feb 08

There goes the digital entertainmenthood

Posted by The Source in xp , western , USB , pc , microsoft , external , drivers , Digital

The Source

Over the weekend we had  a little USB trouble on our home PC.

Jan 27

All my browsers in a row, no IE to be seen

Posted by The Source in snap , safari , opera , microsoft , internet explorer , htc , Firefox

The Source

I noticed something interesting this morning when I switched on my PC.

Jan 23

When is the next Google coming! 2010 year of the digital "little guys"?

Posted by MikeZilla in microsoft , Google


Ok so as it happens I'm suffering from some mydl writers block, I've been focusing on my personal blog Monetize your Life for so long now I'm not sure how to get back into this digital lifestyling thing again. My gut says I should say some mean stuff about some large monolithic corporate like Microsoft or Google. Hmm... I'll save that for next week  don't wanna blow my trump card so early in the game.... Perhaps I should take a pot shot at the government or the police force, I mean South Africa is crime ridden boo hoo oh woe is me poor South African that I am whatever will I do... Nah I'll save that for closer to the world cup scaremongering and whining work way better in that context anyway. Yeah that doesn't really leave much does it?  Nah I'm lying now, this is one of those years where the sky really may be the limit.  There are just so much new technologies and competition btw the big monolithic corporate I can't help but think that there are going to be a number huge paradigm shifts that are going to unleash on us, the power of the little guy.