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Dec 05

A noob's wishlist

Posted by Megg_Ellis in wishlist , unicorn-dragon , Netbook , microsoft , megg_ellis , Megan Ellis , ipad , Apple


Hello fellow myDLers (I'm getting bored of this term, must find a new one)

Aug 09

Who needs a controller when you have limbs?

Posted by fastforward in xbox 360 , Xbox , Wii , video games , TV , sony , playstation move , playstation , nintendo , motion , microsoft , Kinect , Gaming , Games , facial recognition , Control


Jul 13

Mac OS X Lion Release coming tomorrow?

Posted by msbodetti in microsoft , Mac , lion , Firefox , Apple , adobe


The official release for Lion is drawing closer and closer. After developers received an email on Monday asking them to send through their Lion Apps for testing at Apple. Which you can find a snapshot of it below.

Jun 13

No more clothing store queues! Fit your clothes online!

Posted by DigitalAmazon in virtual , telerobotics , technology , Social Networking , shopping , robotics , physically , objects , military training , microsoft , medical , Kinect device , Facebook , entertainment , combines , augemented reality , 3-D


KinectShop by Gregory Ferenstein

Augmented reality technology has made life much easier for individuals in various sectors in the professional world. This technology combines virtual reality objects with real life objects and makes these two fundamentally different objects interact naturally in a space. Sectors such as the medical, entertainment, military training, engineering, robotics and telerobotics are all making use of augmented reality technology.

May 19

True or False Microsoft replacing some Xbox 360

Posted by Doolally in Xbox , microsoft


This may be good news for some but I am not sure how true it is. Apparently in preparation for its new discs Microsoft is replacing old Xbox 360 with new XBOX 360s, now who gets these new Xbox’s? Well apparently Microsoft sent emails to the owners of the incompatible XBOX360 and these lucky buggers get a year of Xbox live gold. Hmm I am wondering if this is not another exploitation scheme or if it just may be for real.

May 08

Microsoft is letting you Do The Math: Mac vs PC

Posted by msbodetti in Windows , microsoft , mac vs pc , Mac , Apple


Apr 20

You brushed your teeth! (EXP 500) You just Leveled Up! (What is Gamification?)

Posted by Ryc0v in Wii Fit , ryc0v , microsoft , innovation , Happyprog , Google , gamification , Game Design , Gabe Zicherman , business


Alright. I'm new to this so bear with me (and forgive me if I seem a bit rigid, I'm far too used to academic writing!)

Mar 31

Apple fights for Trademark of the "App Store"

Posted by msbodetti in microsoft , Mac , Apple , App Store , android , Amazon


Mar 04

Beware, your copy of Windows is NOT GENUINE!

Posted by barrmar in Windows Vista , Windows not genuine , microsoft , genuine advantage , customer abuse


After running a computer with a legal copy of Windows Vista Home Basic for three years, you suddenly get huge pop-up information on your desktop claiming that you are running a fake copy of Windows. 

Oct 12

Ubuntu's failure

Posted by The Organ Harvester in Wine , ubuntu , Open Office , MS Office , microsoft , Linux

The Organ Harvester

I don't think you can call it Ubuntu's failure but @#$% 'em! I'm going to anyway. Open Office for all its functional beauty and it being free loses points in one regard.

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