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Jan 14

Creating an On-line community

Posted by Aratus in websites , Twitter , social media , sales , open source , online , marketing , Facebook , community



Aug 28

In Short: Gamification platform goes cloud

Posted by Ryc0v in user interest , status , ryc0v , reward , nitro , motivation , marketing , gamification , Gabe Zicherman , dynamics , business to business , bunchball


Bunchball, the self-declared "inventors of gamification" has pushed the boundaries of gamification propagation with it's release of Nitro for

Jul 15

Zuma promotes daughters TV show on Twitter

Posted by Ryc0v in zuma , Twitter , ryc0v , promoting , PresidentSA , president , nepotism , marketing , It's for life , ANC


Earlier today the SA President's Office official Twitter account decided that it should promote the upcoming show "It's for Life" on DSTV 107 (at 7PM).
The twist of the matter is (beyond the fact that people follow the SAPresident account for presidential announcements, not show recommendations) is that two of Zuma's daughters feature in the show.

But, can we complain? What is expected of public figures on Twitter, certaintly the account can no-longer claim to represent the Presidential Office, or Zuma in his role as President, because he has clearly used it to promote his family members personal interests.

May 31

Pocahontas and the web app

Posted by Mobile Kugel in web app , Symbian , south africa , software , platforms , operating systems , native app , mobile , michael calore , marketing , IOS , internet , hybrid , HTML5 , global intellegence alliance , gadgets , Data , conversion rate , appstore , appstore , application , android

Mobile Kugel

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word ‘native’?

Aug 03

I did Warn YOU!

Posted by thenack in thenack , online , money , marketing , international , business



I have been busy with a South African Online business lately. It focuses on motivation and self improvement. You know how large companies often send employees on training and hire motivational speakers? Well this is like having your own life coach/motivational speaker.

The upside is that you also get a way of making a steady, long term, always growing income.
Basically if you join you get loads of motivational and success books etc. Daily e-mails, and loads of resources that help you invite and build your own business.

HERE IS THE REAL GOOD NEWS, we are going international within a month (6 August will be the boom date).

That means that for once in online business,
South Africans will be at the top,
and we won’t be paying a bunch of Americans, they will be paying us.
So join now and be sure to be on top of the world. This program is designed for people who want to be successful in life, not just make a quick buck. It is designed to make a large buck over a longer period, and to keep on growing.
Go and have a look.
Be Motivated, Make Money
I do believe ths is a first for South Africa, I know of no other internet online business like this that have grown from local success into internation success. This will be the first time South Africans will be at the top of the pile, and not the other way round. So be part of it!!

Jul 21

Why the likes of Justin Bieber are despised

Posted by The Organ Harvester in The Internet , Pop Culture , marketing , Justin Bieber , fake

The Organ Harvester


May 11

Not Having Money Blows

Posted by thenack in online , money , mlm , marketing , june 2010 , FIFA , cash


They say no matter how big your sallary is, you always spend about 10% more than you can afford. So you are always stressed. All of us have probably heard of Robert Quisakis book, rich dad Poor dad, and many others on the topic. They basically all have the same message. You need a second income, preferably passive. The point is not to have more money, but to have better quality of life. Jy check?

So you have many of these things to try, MLMs (multi level markeing), pyramid scemes, the stock exchange....all of which require significant cash and time investments. For these reasons internet versions are so popular. Don't be fooled, there are some people that are filthy stinking rich from internet bussiness. It is possible, but not as easy as they would have you think.

I have tried many of these. But I tried all the free or cheap ones. The best one I have found so far, is giving me the most success and is quite special.
It is a South African company, but going global in June 2010. It is small and still growing very quickly. So know is the best time to join.
It is cheap, easy and sustainable.
It is risk free, money back if no success.

People always scoff at these things, as jy te skaam is dan los jy dit want hulle spot jou. I pushed through and am starting to make money, HA!


Mar 23


Posted by EgbertFly in vitamins , power , marketing , gym , Fear , connection , Cell phone


What is it with fear and marketing companies?

Feb 27

SPAM SPAM SPAM - How much is too much?

Posted by Flycatchr in [grrr] , Worldchat , spam , marketing , Checkers



Jan 27

Free Google Advertising with Google Maps

Posted by thenack in marketing , internet , google maps , google earth , Google , Digital , adwords , adsense


This something new from Google, and I must say it is quite cool. Now depending on what you use the internet for, Google is either a search engine to you, or a marketing tool. In reality, google is in fact a marketing tool, and google is a marketing company. (or they make money by selling marketing space, not by being a search engine)

Their success was built on supplying the world with and excellent FREE search engine, geting everybody hooked like a crack dealer, and then start selling the ad space. Once everybody is hooked, they just can't lose.

So why would they spend Gazillions (or googles) of dollars on google earth? Were they just being nice? No

The next thing in internet advertising is google maps. You may have noticed them coming up in your searches as you browse. A local map showing the persons or places you were interested in in your area. For instance if you searched for "psychologist", the following will happen.
THis Now the red blobby thingys indicate psychologists that google recons are close to you. The best part is that if you were a psychologist, you could post your bussiness on Google maps for free. (for now in anycase)

This latest addition to the whole adsense adn adwords way of thinking is still a little shaky. Mostly as google would rate gauteng as basically places with Pretoria and Johannesburg adresses. If you wuold have listed yourself in Zwartkop, your ad may not appear. It is also still very limited as far as search terms are concerned.
So in short, if you have a bussines you would like to advertise for free, place it on google maps while it is still free.

I have a feeling that this is the way of the future.....

(Oh and while you are at it, type in your home address and click on satelite in the map, and go see if your roof needs a paint job)

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