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Jan 15

Malema versus Domestic Workers

Posted by Jawellnofine in USA , united nations , Shakespeare , SANRAL , President Zuma , politics , opinion , Modimolle Monster , Mayan Calendar , malema , iran , end of the world , e-tolling


Nov 21

Not all News is Real

Posted by Jawellnofine in Whistle-blowing , Rhetoric , Revolution , politics , opinion , murder , media , malema , information , history , Headlines , Civil society


Jun 21

But it's my culture

Posted by flytrap in unity , separation , malema , madiba , culture


Driving the staff, and being part of some interesting conversations, I often hear the words "It is my culture". This always gets me going.  As I point out to the girls,my father is British and so my culture includes Empire building and shooting black people that disagree with me.They usually get the joke. The most usual application of the idea is in an anthropological sense which wiki tells me, has two meanings namely; (1) the evolved human capacity to classify and represent experiences with symbols, and to act imaginatively and creatively; and (2) the distinct ways that people living in different parts of the world classified and represented their experiences, and acted creatively.

So anthropologically,"culture" is seen as a dynamic adaption that allows creative development of identity and the development of strategies to manipulate our experience and thus our environment. This is a big contrast to the popular usage in our country which implies the opposite, an often inflexible adherence to practices and beliefs that reinforce the worse stereotypes of difference and separation between different peoples. Think Madiba vs Malema. One is a true Xhosa who reveres his traditional beliefs while understanding that to develop there must be a creative blending of all our people, the other who is not sure where he belongs, who calls on what he believes to be his "culture", to create separation and discord, so that he can have power and so promote his enjoyment of Sushi and Johnny Walker. ????

Now I'm really confused. There was a guy called Hendrik Verwoerd. He died long ago. I could swear he has been reincarnated as JM.

Feb 16

TheNacK is back

Posted by thenack in malema , gautoll , food , Egypt , africa



I know it's half past February and I haven't posted a blog yet...but it seems I am already three months behind at work. So here are a few comments on some things that have been happening.

Egypt and the Pyramids:

It is quite clear that the people living in Egypt today are NOT the descendants of the amazing folk who built the pyramids. While it is an amazing country, it is mostly because of what people did there thousands of years ago, and in spite of the modern day residents. So I got a thinking why this may seems that every time there was a regime change, the ruling dynasty was killed off,  Every 100 years or so the smartest and strongest people were removed from the gene pool. This process of stupification has gone on for more than 3000 years resulting in the genius that is the modern Gyppo. See picture for clarification.

Which made me think of this....

But that's another story.
Something else that is worth mentioning is the awesome new toll fees we will be paying in Gauteng. And with "we" I mean the people who are already subsidising electricity, water and schools for the not working masses, and the working but uneducated masses. It seems the worst downside of apartheid turned out to be the fact that members of parlamaint never heard the fairy tale of slaugtering the swan who lays golden eggs.

Lets hope the Rugby and Cricket world cups keep us bussy enough to ignore all the other crap, lest we go mad.


May 27

Beware the yellow peril

Posted by AbortRetryFail in Nationalization , Mines , malema , China


A cretain wellknown Motormouth may have inadvertantly let slip The Plan...

In a speech/statement regarding the Nationalization of SA's mines that person made inferences that the mining community/companies (who according to him are all white colonialists) can expect to be given the shaft (pun intended) when the government take over and run the mines (like they do SABC, ESKOM and all those doing-oh-so-well parastatals).

Of the little bit they are allowed to keep they can expect to pay two arms and two legs of their choice or if they can't stand that (pun intended again) they can bugger off 'cause the Chinese would be willing to step in for a smaller chuck of the gold nugget (I'm really rolling with puns today).

So...good bye white colonialism, hello yellow imperialism? The government seems to be doing quite a lot to suck up to the Chinese lately, including telling a leading man of peace, the Dhalai Lama, to bugger off from a peace conference. Other deals have been struck as well, some public or semi-public but how many private ones are there we don't know about?

Let's say some important person (who will remain unspecified but pick a name from the top...) made a deal with the Chinese to destabalise the country to a point where the top brass can scream a loud "HELP!". 5 minutes later the Chinese start helping a bit here, a bit there, just for a small token of appreciation say like 5% of the mineral rights for every time they help? after helping out 5 or so time we end up with a freeloader-pocketstuffer majority that pander to a yellow minority that can and probably will grow into influence until SA's a new province of China?

An unlikely scenario?
Anyone remember the parable/story/urban legend of the experiment with frogs and boiling water? Dump a frog into boiling water and watch the reaction, hopping, screaming, bleeding, boiling... But put the frog in normal water and turn up the heat by a degree or 3 over a long time... one happy contented eventually-dead-boiled frog...

If the Chines try and step in and take over the country by coup or visible bribes/payments to people to take over large chunks the US at least would cry foul but if they don't see the buy a bit cheaply here, receive a gift/donation there...eventually they may end up owning more of the country than it's own people (except for the guys who sold us out and can then afford to move to one of those white colonialist countries and subject themselves to the tortures of modern capitalist fruits-of-others-labours) and we may be required to start eating rice more often (OK, stereotypical comment there).

And of course China has that wonderful reputation of being all for improving the lives of the masses by their sterling human rights record and enormous wages they pay there slav...workers

May 26

Die Suidlanders: It's the 1980's all over again

Posted by ShackledMuse in uhuru , suidlanders , special assignment , south africa , right wing , racism , night of the long knives , Mandela , malema , Eugene Tereblanche , AWB , apartheid


I don't usually watch Special Assignment, but the ads got my attention. A documentary about the Suidlanders, a right wing religious group of Afrikaners. I thought, Hey, I've just written a nice heartfelt blog about why I love South Africa and why I dislike the not-so-proudly South Africans, so why not watch Special Assignment and let my blood pressure rise a little? Nothing like some good old fashioned Afrikaner racists to push my temper levels to the limit.

May 20

Does Chris Mahlango = NIGGER

Posted by thenack in malema , illegal imigrants , Chris Mahlangu , AWB , ANC


Before you get angry, read why I say so....
My train of thought started when I heard that the accused in the Eugene Terre'blanche murder case, Chris Mahlangu's attorney, Puna Moroko was trying to get him bail. His argument was that Mahlangu should be released on bail because he had two minor children who needed him. He said his client would not be a flight risk as he did not have a passport.

This rediculous reasoning made me thought of a comedy thing Chris Rock did a few years ago called "Niggers have got to go!" Chris Rock, in his commedy routine, said that you get black people....and then you get niggers. He whent on to explain that niggers were always trying to get credit for stuff black people just do. For instance a nigger would say "I take care of my children" followed by Chris rock reply, you stupid F!@%$ moron, you are supposed to look after your children, or "I haven't been to jail in 4 years" to which Rockreplies, " you stupid moron, you are not supposed to go to jail ever!
So by this reasoning, by a black man's standards, if you have two children that are dependant on you, don't go and murder somebody, especially if you are going to tell people about it. In fact, he should not get bail because he has two children. Having children should make you more responsible, not relieve you of responsibilities.
As I side issue, someone not having a passport does not make him any less of a flight risk, and if you don't believe me, ask any one of the 10 million illegal imigrants in South Africa!
But I gues anything is possible just as long as somebody kills some boere.... or what do I say eh julius jub jub mal mal malema

 dumbanddumber If all of this is getting you down bemotivated

Read some jokes and funny pics

May 14

Nandos vs Julius Mal mal malema

Posted by thenack in thenack , nandos , malema , julius , juju , ANC


nandosjulius Come to nandos julius, You will kill your hunger and have something to keep your mouth bussy

May 12

The Julius Malema verdict

Posted by barrmar in suspended sentence , malema , Disciplinary hearing


Julius Malema entered into a plea bargain to have three of the four disciplinary charges dropped against him. The outcome of the hearing was quite important as it provides an indication of how seriously the ANC takes the antics of its Youth League president. 

May 05

SA Politics Explained

Posted by powachair in Zooms , winnie , toilets , special needs , Showerhead , satirical , satire , political satire , political humour , Mamparra , malema , julius , Julicious , joke , Jakes , humour , humor , housing , Government , funny , Freedom of Expression , fraud , disease , corruption , challenged


SA Politics Explained

FEUDALISM: You have two cows. Your lord takes some of the milk.

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