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Jun 18

Five things you hate about FaceBook

Posted by ShackledMuse in zynga , spam , settings , privacy control , phising , mafia wars , farmville , Facebook , ads


I've said it before and I'll say it again. People love to hate facebook. Some hate facebook so much that they'll log onto facebook and update their status to how much they hate facebook. A few reasons include boyfriends/girlfriends flirting with other online users, slow connections, cyber bullying (none for which FaceBook can actually be blamed for.)

Others have valid reasons. They complain because some aspect of Facebook annoys them. Here as some reason:

-  Privacy Control -  Way too many email notifications -  Strangers sending them stuff -  Too many ads -  Too many requests from applications (like FarmVille)

Luckily all of these can be fixed.


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