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Sep 21

Transparent Planes, coming soon to an acrophobe near you.

Posted by salambander in transparent , technology , mad science , future , aviation , airbus


Airbus have revealed some plans for future airplanes that sound pretty cool and futuristicky.

Sep 13

Robot Liars

Posted by salambander in USA , technology , robots , military , mad science


Some Mad American Scientists have developed algorithms that allow a robot to decide whether it should tell someone the truth or not. They plan to use these in military operations, ie "Robot leaves a false trail and hides itself" and so on. The US military's technology has had huge impacts on the world. They did invent the internet, after all. So, it's just a matter of time before these robotic liars become commonplace, scurrying around, lying to people.

Aug 17

The Terahertz Detector - A stalker's (wet) dream?

Posted by salambander in x ray , terahertz detector , technology , mad science , innovation


Scary military scientists have developed a super-duper X-ray-ish machine that can see through buildings, packaging and - wait for it - clothing from a mile away. This news has met with some approval from people who don't like receiving bombs in the post, and horror from pretty much everyone else, because like all technology, it will probably be used for evil. 

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