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May 09

‘m’ is for ‘m’ing

Posted by Mobile Kugel in trends , scramble for africa , schools , rudy de waele , mobile , m-pessa , m-learning , m-health , m-commerce , m-banking , m as a prefix , learning , kenya , future , entrepreneurial opportunities , continent , 2020 , 'm'-ing

Mobile Kugel

Back when ‘m’ wasn’t a prefix

Jul 09

Me & a Ukulele

Posted by zookuki in youth , writing , ukulele , new things , life , life , learning , dexterity


So... I'm an aspiring Ukulele player.  Well, sort of.  I haven't got one, have not even searched for one, have no idea what these things cost... but I've been listening to some awesome Ukulele tunes on Youtube and have just made up my mind to learn the Ukulele.

As we get older I guess these adventurous compulsions don't find us that often anymore.  But I'm reviving that ghost of a creative from whichever closet she's slumbering in and will attempt to learn something new every month.

Currently I am teaching my dumb left-hand how to write.  It's a daunting task, and I've no idea how I decided to undertake this feat, but I'm sure there must be some-or-other great mental asset to being (artificially) ambidextrous.  


Feb 20

Free Laptops for Kids

Posted by WINDPOMP SHERRY in XO Laptop , word , window , volunteer , unique , translator , tool , teaching , target market , support , soul soothing , solving , software , skills , Rich , remote , relationship , project , programmable , problem , privilege , poverty , potential , populations , poor , opportunity , Nicholas Negroponte , monetary , marketing , mammoth , learning , learn , laptops , laptop , IT support , funds , Free Laptops , free , food , families , empowered , Education , educating , earth , donating , developer , creative , computer , company , community , clothes , children , child , charity , business


Businesses worldwide support worthy causes as a means of marketing.  The challenge is to draw attention, ensuring a captive audience.  It is no longer about making a mediocre social impact or simply to get into the newspaper for free...  you have to stun and engage.  The key to success is to get people talking about your company and to involve your community.  Thereby establishing a long term relationship that is beneficial to the business, the target market and the charity chosen.

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