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Dec 03

Suffer for your beauty

Posted by Megg_Ellis in megg_ellis , Megan Ellis , klout , beauty


Klout has decided that I am influential about beauty. It has also decided to lower my score by 29 in one day. Basically...Klout is both wrong and bitchy. 

Jun 23

Gamification gaining Klout

Posted by Ryc0v in Twitter , specialist , ryc0v , New Media , Linkedin , level up , klout , Gaming , gamification , Facebook , BBC


Hey all, Been a while since I last wrote, exams and the like took up some time.

Some of you may have noticed in the absence between this and my last post, that Gamification has really picked up and been caught on the global radar, with BBCNews even offering an explanation of it, and a brief rationale as to why it might be successfully implemented. So, now that I've given myself a cyber pat-on-the-back for predicting the trend, I'd like to move along to an interesting little "semi-gamified" social networking tool.

It's called Klout and it, with your blessing, accesses your varying social networking sites to form an analysis of your importance, prestige, style and how much of an effect you have on what your fellow networked users use. Giving you interesting titles and achievements as it does so!


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