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Jun 22

Kaka red card makes soccer gay

Posted by thenack in thenack , Soccer , red card , kaka , FIFA , Abdelkader Keita


Seriously, did you see what Kaka got a red card for. Just when I was starting to like soccer they go and get all gay.
He wasn't even looking and a guy ran into him from behind, fell down and put up a big nacy panzy show. So then the referee looks up, see the guy squeling like a little baby on the ground, and red cards Kaka. Rediculous.
the next time some player takes an oscar winning fall like this I would like to see the referee giving him a red card. Seriously sad.
Abdelkader Keita ran into Kaka from behind, Kaka's arm hit him in the chest, Abdelkader Keita grabed his face and fell to the ground. The ref who didn't even see it piches up and red cards Kaka.

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