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Apr 04

Cyber Hell

Posted by Str8_T in junk mail , e-mail , cyber hell


* Big Sigh* Ok so I've decided today is the day to sort out my mailbox. I have been putting it of f for a while now. After reading and sorting the first few I remembered why I didn't open those e-mails to begin with.

I know you all must have heard this a thousand times before so I'm just going to mention the name of my frustration - Chain e-mails. I'm sure that needs no explanation.

Now please people tell me why there is a need to forward this utter waste of time. I mean realy now. I feel as though I've been put threw some kind of torture in a corny cyber jail. No wait correction cyber hell! Trust me your friends and family know you love them so you do not need to kill them with these terrible chain e-mails.

I honestly want to choke the person who came up with this dumb idea!!! For heavens sake stp this mail madness!

*Give me strength*

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