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Sep 08

Calling people names

Posted by Dissol in sexism Disability , racism , Names , julius malema , Darren Scott , awareness


Recent news got me thinking.

Aug 30

Julius, the JMPD, and the citizens of Johannesburg

Posted by DBS in London Pie , julius malema , JMPD , ANC


An unlikely combination of people some may say. Listening to 702 Talk Radio this morning which I don't normally do because I detest John Robbie's voice, I was struck by the implication that all three of the above are intertwined in the next few days.

Aug 02

I will sue with 140 characters

Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in Twitter , soweton , social media , necklacing , julius malema , ferial haffajee , eric miyeni , city press

Pumelela Nqelenga

Jul 26


Posted by Pumelela Nqelenga in Twitter , trust fund , Trevor Noah , julius malema , ifyoupaidmalemaenough , corruption , city press , chuck norris

Pumelela Nqelenga

May 24

Citizen first, journalist second?

Posted by Khatija in social policy , slip of the tongue , SABC , new media law , new media ethics , marianne thamm , julius malema , democratic alliance , da , ANC , african national congress


May 10

Can @presidentzuma please hurry up and fix the pothole in my street? Kthanksbye

Posted by fastforward in Twitter , trends , south africa , social media , Service Delivery , politics , julius malema , Jacob Zuma , helen zille , Democracy , da , ANC


Jun 22

New Julius Malema Statue to be unveiled

Posted by thenack in thenack , statue , julius malema , juju , FIFA , fan fest


With breathless anticipation the crowd awaits the unveiling of the Julius Malema Statue.

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Apr 15

Malema, terreBlance, WHAT NOW?

Posted by thenack in world cup , terreblance , south africa , julius malema , FIFA , AWB


With all the emotional upheavals of the past couple of weeks, I think most South Africans are feeling in the dark as to what now. The truth is, we are not in the dark...take a look at this satellite image of Africa at night.

See Uerope? Now see the only country that compares, jip. South Africa. What is the difference between the rest of Africa and South Africa? Most of Africa were colonised by some European country in the past Century, but the only country where they stayed was South Africa. DIE BOERE HET GEKOM OM TE BLY. This is the reason that rich European countries didn't just steal our natural resources and leave, like the rest of Africa. The Afrikaner nation made this their home, and used the resources to build hospitals, roads, trains, houses, power plants, airports....the list is endless. These things are now available to all South Africans, they have even been renamed after people who had nothing to do with building them, that is fine. Apartheid was wrong, but the Afrikaner was put here for a purpose, much of which wa achieved with flying colours. THERE IS NO TURNING BACK

So what now? We have been going along reasonably well on the road to a truly unified South Africa, but looks like we want to turn back. To what? Afrikaans people are pining back to a time when things were better. But were they? I tell you NO. Some things worked better, government worked better, sure, but there were many, many evils. We were used as stooges in a war in Namibia and Angola by the USA. Many black and white South Africans died there. We were really very isolated and did not think for ourselves. White people should get over themselves and realise there is no turning back, and even if there was, would you really, really take everything back the way it was, I can't live with that. Things were wrong. (Not that they are right now, but at least it's a new mistake, let us not repeat the mistakes of the past). White people, stop complaining while you still have half a white bread under your arm. Skrik wakker en begin 'n verskil maak. Ons het 'n klomp luigat vet brandewyn en coke suipers geword wat nie meer doen wat ons kan nie. Ons is een van die mees capable groepe mense op aarde, trek vinger en doen iets. Gaan luister na Angus Buccan die naweek en skrik wakker, ons gan nie dit vir enigimiend beter maak duer te bakly nie. I saw one of the protesters stole a stuff  from TerreBlances grave and toyi-toyied with it at the court. Some of them had posters who said "black people aren't slaves, black people are leader" Listen buddy, when you can look after your wife and kids, when you can hold a job, when you don't blame other people for what a loser you are, when you go to work and stop striking, when you pay the R100 a year to get a free education, when you stop breaking and stealing water and electricity supplies, when you stop spreading aids by sleeping around like an imbecile, when you stop raping, when you stop wanting everything for free, when you learn respect for other people and get some manners, then you can call yourself a leader. The black people in this country must wake up. You have it so much better than most African countries and still you complain. Everybody wants to be the boss nowadays. Go to university, stay there for six years, then do an MBA, then have all the stress, then you can be the boss. If you can't manage that, YOU DON'T GET TO BE THE BOSS, K? White people didn't get all they have for free, they actually worked for it. Everything in this country was designed, managed and paid for by white South Africans. Stop thinking you should have it because you are black and start doing something. Black people in general are not leaders, why do you think the country looks like it does?  You learn how to be a leader by DOING, not by talking. ThaT BEING SAID, THERE ARE MANY GOOD BLACK LEADERS, JUST A PITY THEY ARE NOT MAKING THE CALLS...

We have the world cup coming, EVERYBODY IN THIS NATION WILL BENEFIT FROM IT, but we do not have a leader that can motivate the people enough to stop striking, murdering, stealing and raping the decent people of this country. To be a leader you need strategic thinking, you need a dream and a goal bigger than tomorrow. Find the good leaders and back them, not the loud ones. Forget about colour for once, there are good leaders from every background in this country, but we follow the loud-mouths instead of the people already doing stuff.

MATCH, FIFA's accommodation organiser has already cancelled 60 000 beds, tha is 60 000 less people coming here to spend their money. Why, because we are all acting like a bunch of idiot adolescents. Where are our leaders by the way? Here is what I propose: we can use the internet to build up this world cup, to get as many people here as possible. All South Africans can make a difference, stop waiting for confused "leader/losers malema" and start doing something positive. We need to blog the internet on fire about how great SA is, what people can see and do here. We need black educated people to blog so the poepols from the oversees can see that all black people are not panga wielding gang rapists. We must show them not all white people are fat bedonerde boere. We must show them calards and kerrie and boesman and zoeloe and pedi and sotho and zey sef englesh accents from de springs. We must show them the good things, because they are so, so many. I for one, could easily migrate and get a much better paying job oversees. I don't want to because this is still the best, most interesting and diverse country in the WORLD.

So c'mmon....., black, white, calard, indian. Blog for South Africa. Our struggle, our war, our challenge is different from the ones of our ancestors. Our struggle is to work together, to build on the foundations. The struggle of the mind and of the heart has begun. We can put a positive message about our country out there. Do IT

Stop living in the past and start living for the future

Apr 09

Julius Malema vs Afrikaans

Posted by thenack in world cup , spoiler , julius malema , idiot , FIFA , drol , boere , afrikaans , 2010


This year should have been great, 2010 viva world cup. We should have been preparing for the party of the decade. Even the ANC could have come out more popular than ever, with then virst JZ started with his sexing it up campaign, but now Julius Malema has spoiled it for all of us. Now all we can talk abou is him. We have a very appropriate saying in south africa Julius Malema is a drol in die drinkwater.

For the people from the oversees that translates to julius malema is the turd/crap in the drinking water (town well)

He is spoiling the thing everybody else is dependant on. poepol

The media reporters should have walked out when he removed that imperialist pig jonah from the BBC. Why were the other reporters such sissies? Malema should receive no more coverage.boicot the bastard

Apr 09

Spam Protection Mystery

Posted by thenack in viagra , thenack , spam , SEO , penis , julius malema , food , drol


A while ago I desided to remove the akismet spam filter from my site. Just to, you know, see what happened. BAM, I was hunted down like a deer with one leg. Spammers got to me man, they got me good. I probably got about 50 spam comments a day, ranging from viagra to hamburger recipes. What I found interesting though, is that the spammers all conglomerated on two or three of may older posts. They didn't comment on any otehr post, but hammered these, all the spammers, spaming together in one place. Could anybody tell me why they all spam in the same place? Is it some kind of SEO think??

The comments started with penis enlargement, went over to viagra, and now recipies? Yeay, like for cooking food and stuff. ??!!!

74 comments  and counting, it seems they have realised that I already have a large enough penis, and am now in search of viagra to get it going, and food recipies to impress the ladies. Nice going guys, thanks for the help

Check out the worlds most spammed blogpost south-african-drinking-water-is-no-longer-safe-in-fact-its-lekkerkak

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