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Jan 13

Kingston entry: The Apple side of life

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After staunchly denouncing the need for an iPhone in favour of my Blackberry, I have decided that 2012 is the year to embrace my apple roots. I've always extolled the benefits of Blackberry - but, with the smart business applications available on the new iPhone 5 and its seamless integration with my other apple devices via the iTunes Cloud server (iCloud), it's logical that if I intend to be truly mobile and integrate my business, lifestyle and social networking needs in a smart way, I would invest in the iPhone 5 when it becomes available in South Africa. 

Dec 09

Toys for Echoes: Thanks MyDL, Apple, Griffin, Angry Birds (my mommy and daddy).

Posted by Echoes in princess echoes , jean dennis , iPod , ipad , Griffin , Apple , angry birds


Who knew a silly post about Angry Birds would get me an Angry Bird (iPad case)? The irony isn't lost on me. Anyhoodle, thank you so much MyDL and sponsors for the very cool bag of tricks I won in MyDL's Major Year-End Blogging Competition. 

Dec 08

iBio: The book of Job

Posted by Echoes in Steve Jobs , princess echoes , john ive , jean dennis , iTunes , ipad , Apple


I’ve just finished reading the kindle version of the biography, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I have to admit, I was quite reticent about reading a biography that I had heard was just a little self-serving. However, Walter Isaacson is an old pro at this – he has tackled some other heavyweight life stories and each one was handled with the same respect and sensitivity.

Dec 05

Dear Santa...

Posted by Echoes in princess echoes , macbook air , Lomogrpahy , jean dennis , ipad


**Dear Santa,

Dec 02

Of cat fights and putting Baby in the corner.

Posted by Echoes in turkey , princess echoes , jean dennis , dirty dancing


Today is our year-end party. It has a Turkish theme. It’s at a Turkish restaurant and we were told to ‘wear something smart with a touch of Turkish gold’.

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