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Apr 19

Is this what's to come in later iOS updates: Video

Posted by msbodetti in iphone 5 , iphone 4 , ios 5 , ios 4


This is a video by tinhtevideo. They have done preleased videos of other iDevices and MacBooks and they are usually legit!

[video: 600x300]

What do you think?

Apr 18

iPhone 5 to be no different than it's Predecessor

Posted by msbodetti in iphone 5 , iphone 4 , ios 5 , Apple


Jan 12

Mac App Store!

Posted by msbodetti in mac app store , Mac , iTunes , iphone 4 , Apple , App Store , app


Well like in my last blog about my lovely 27 inch iMac, I just love Apple especially when they give you unlimited Apps to download for your favourite devices!

Jan 04

Project 365: a photo a day

Posted by Charmed in project 365 , photography , iphone 4 , instagram , a photo a day


I've decided to start a project 365: a photo a day blog. The idea came about on 1 January 2004, by Taylor McKnight and has since spread all over the internet. You can read more about why to do it or tips here. 

Sep 23

Vodacom's iPhone 4 VIP media launch

Posted by Charmed in Vodacom , launch , iphone 4


On Friday, 17 September, Vodacom’s PR called me to invite me for a phone that was being launched at midnight, 21/22 September. 

The lady who called said she cannot reveal what phone is being launched and all she can say is that it is “highly anticipated”.

Jul 29

The smartphone war: Motorola takes on Apple

Posted by The Source in sales , motorola , iphone 4 , Apple , android

The Source

In my previous post I mentioned that Steve Jobs opened a can of worms when taking on other smartphone manufacturers when covering up the signal problem of the iPhone4.

Well Motorola isn't taking it lying down.

The ad below appeared in the New York Times