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Dec 31

Divorce Issues of the Decade a Divorce Attorney's Perspective

Posted by Bertus in why people divorce , Top Divorce Attorney , reasons for divorce , online divorce , internet divorce , finances , divorce reasons , divorce issues of the decade , divorce issues , divorce in south africa , divorce attorney cape town , divorce , celebrity divorce attorney , best divorce attorney , adultery


This past decade has challenged many people in South Africa and around the world with through various emotional events. The outspoken Julius Malema, President Zuma's acquittal, Shabir Shaik's release from prison and the murders of Lolly Jackson and Eugene Terblanche, the 9-11, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Tsunami, the deepest recession since the Great Depression, the sacking of President Mbeki and the first African-American President. Many changes happened in the area of divorce and Family Law as well. The following, in no particular order, are my 10 top divorce and family law related issues since 2000:

Dec 30

More couples use the internet to get divorced

Posted by Bertus in trustworthy online divorce , online divorce services , online divorce , more couple divorce on internet , internet divorce , divorce without hassle , divorce over the internet , divorce online legal , divorce online , divorce johannesburg , divorce internet , divorce in south africa , divorce free forms , divorce forms online , divorce fast , divorce court , divorce cheap , divorce attorney , divorce application forms , divorce and anulment , divorce



May 10

Divorce Online Divorce Fast Divorce Cheap Divorce Without Hassle

Posted by Bertus in online divorce , internet divorce , How to get divorced , how to get a divorce , fast divorce , diy divorce , divorces , divorce steps , divorce process , divorce papers , divorce in south africa , divorce healing , divorce forms , divorce fast , divorce cheap , divorce attorney , divorce advice , divorce , divorce , cope with divorce , cheap divorce , advice after divorce


Apr 06

DIVORCE Yourself in the High Court or Family Court - Fast and Cost Effective

Posted by Bertus in visitation , primary caregiver , parental responsibility , online divorce , internet divorce , infidelity , How to get divorced , fast divorce , domestic violence , diy divorce , divorce papers , divorce in south africa , divorce forms , divorce fast , divorce cheap , divorce attorney , divorce , custody , cheap divorce , assault spouse , assault children , adultery , access to children


It's sad but true. Nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Adding insult to injury, many times divorce proceedings turn into long drawn out battles where the only people winning in the end are the divorce attorneys collecting their paycheck. There is a way to bypass this and file for divorce online, it is called the eDivorce, South Africa's fastest and largest online digital divorce platform.

Feb 27

Divorce in South Africa - Successful divorce doesn't have to be an oxymoron

Posted by Bertus in pay maintenance , online divorce , maintenance payments , maintenance court , internet divorce , how much maintenance , fast divorce , diy divorce , divorce steps , divorce process , divorce process , divorce papers , divorce forms , divorce documents , divorce attorney , divorce , child maintenance , cheap divorce


Successful divorce doesn't have to be an oxymoron

Nov 26

Divorce, what are the best options?

Posted by Bertus in Use an online DIY divorce service , uncontested divorce in South Africa , South Africa's divorce system , onile divorce , internet divorce , edivorce , diy divorce papers , divorce your spouse , divorce without attorney , divorce forms , divorce attorneys , cheap divorce


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